After Establishment paedophile scandals, Cameron accused of debauchery

After Establishment paedophile scandals, Cameron accused of debauchery

A Conservative Peer has accused David Cameron of being a member of a debauched Oxford University society in the latest scandal to hit the UK political establishment.

The allegations about Cameron’s debauchery come after police investigated former heads of MI5, MI6, former Prime Minister Edward Heath as well as the former army chief of staff for being part of a Westminster paedophile gang accused of raping, torturing and killing young boys from care homes.

One witness of the Establishment paedophile gang reports being taken to the Carlton Club for a session of abuse.

David Cameron is also a member of the Carlton Club as is Boris Johnson.

The claims that an establishment gang raped, tortured and killed children with impunity in London have a ring of truth given the extent of the abuse of children at a home in Haute de Garenne, Jersey, by establishment figures such as Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath.

The allegations that Cameron indulged in debauchery and drugs appear in a the biography of Lord Michael Aschcroft. He says an MP had seen photographic evidence that Cameron put a “private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s head as part of a dining club initiation ritual.

The MP also told the authors Cameron attended a dining club called Piers Gaveston, known for its debauchery and named after the lover of Edward II, as well as being part of the Bullingdon drinking club, which was notorious for trashing rooms.

Speaking to the biographers, one Tory MP said he had been asked to join the Bullingdon Club but walked out of the first event in disgust and considered it was all about “despising poor people”.

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