After Sex Attacks, Men and Women Won’t Play Together in German Pools

After Sex Attacks, Men and Women Won’t Play Together in German Pools © Photo: Pixabay

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A German water park in the town of Norderstedt in Schleswig-Holstein introduced new rules for its guests after a recent sex attack, German newspaper Die Welt reported.

Following a sexual harassment incident involving two girls on Sunday, the administration of the water park banned women and men from using the water slide at the same time.

The administration urged children, juveniles and women to use the water slide at designated times, during which men have no access to it, German radio station NDR 1 Welle Nord reported.

In addition, managers are planning to deploy special security staff to ensure the safety of visitors. The security will be dressed as ordinary visitors and swim in the pool.

The administration also intends to install additional surveillance cameras and signs, indicating that one is not allowed to touch other visitors without their consent, Hamburger Abendblatt and Bild newspapers reported.

According to police reports, two female visitors, 14 and 18, were sexually harassed by two immigrants, 14 and 34, from Afghanistan on Sunday. After the incident, the men were arrested.

Another “sexual” incident took place in early December in a swimming pool in Vienna, Austria, when a 20-year-old Iraqi national took a small by to a changing room and raped him.

The man admitted he was “fulfilling his desires” as he had not had sex for more than four months. After the boy revealed the attack to the swimming pool’s staff, the administration called the police, who immediately apprehended the suspect.

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