Agent Orange: Black Pope’s Weapon On White Protestant America & Australia

Posted by EJP on Jan 26th, 2012

Pursuant to a previous post the pope’s Jesuit-advised Knights of Malta are at the forefront of the Black Pope’s Counter Reformation. The goal of the Military Order of the Company of Jesus is to fight and down the Protestant Reformation including the destruction of every White Protestant nation on earth. This war includes chemical weapons used against targeted White Protestant populations of all nations. One of those weapons of recent memory was “Agent Orange.”

Knights of Malta Cardinal Spellman, Henry R. Luce and wife, Dame of Malta Clare Boothe Luce, 1963; Vietnam was “Spelly’s War”

Chemical pesticide “Agent Orange” was created by Monsanto and Dow Chemical in the early 1960s. Dropped aerially on the Vietnamese Buddhist nationalists (called “communists”) by the pope’s American Air Force for ten years (1961-1971), hundreds of thousands of Buddhist Vietnamese have been sterilized, sickened and murdered from its effects. But the real targets were the White Protestant and Baptist soldiers of Australia and America. Poisoned in Vietnam, American soldiers would return home only to sire sickened or maimed children. The same horror would come to pass in Australia, while agents of the Order would dump massive amounts of the pesticide in Sydney Harbor destroying the fisheries. “Agent Orange” is most assuredly the Black Pope’s “poison cup” for “accursed heretics and liberals” of historically White Protestant Western Civilization. Indeed, “the arm of the Church is long!”

This mass-murder and suffering imposed upon “heretic” White Australian and “heretic” White American men is a work of Rome via her Knights of Malta. For Monsanto was founded by Knight of Malta John Francis Queeny and Dow Chemical is also controlled by the same Order of caped crusaders. Together, both companies created and perfected their new weapon to be used in accordance with Canon Law and the Order’s Counter Reformation Council of Trent (1545-1563). Years later, a similar crime would be committed once again upon American troops in the Gulf War. It would be called the “Gulf War Syndrome.”

To view more of the diabolical effects of “Agent Orange” on historic White Protestant Australia, see this link.


    One of the components that made up agent orange was DMSO which was used in order to allow great absorption into the canopy. This compound was found by a worker at a wood processing plant to have powerful healing power on the body especially against skin problems in his case. He fell into the stream of this once waste product of that industry. His terrible psoriasis quickly disappeared from almost all of his body it was on except the area he managed to keep above the DMSO fluid. He then went back to collect more of it up and used that to clear the rest. This is where Dr John Ray Christopher got involved and helped to spread the knowledge on this form of a herb. A herb? Yes as it came from a tree nothing more. The establishment had DMSO shunned and uses its fish smell as an aid to putting people off. The same as what they do with Cod Liver Oil and people fall for it by being put off before they even open the bottle. They then bought out this so-called natural compound which is not natural. They called this MSM which is popular amongst those who fall for the hype and marketing. MSM is no where near as good as DMSO and never will be, DMSO I believe has been utilised in other protocols against Cancer. Unfortunately the MSM can produce Cancer by the way of the Carrageenan bringing about a chance of stomach cancer. You’ll find Dr Russell L. Blaylock has note this information on Carrageenan in his work. The moral of the story is that you should always stick to nature, it knows best.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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