Aimed to Protect? Swiss Troops Used Drugs While Serving at Davos Summit

Aimed to Protect? Swiss Troops Used Drugs While Serving at Davos Summit © Sputnik/ Aleksey Babushkin

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Swiss soldiers supposed to provide protection for high-profile participants of the World Economic Forum in Davos appear to have been focused on things not related to their direct responsibilities – abusing different types of drugs.

​The news came as local police conducted a check at Switzerland’s Mountain Rifle battalion 6 deployed in Davos, according to Deutsche Welle citing military officials. Twelve servicemen appeared to have used drugs as determined by medical testing.

All soldiers were showen to have been using cannabis, but five were also engaged in the use of cocaine, according to Stefan Holder, Swiss Army’s spokesperson. While cocaine abusers were immediately sent home, the rest would be punished while remaining on duty.

Holder said that those soldiers who consumed cannabis could face fines of up to $490 and jail sentences of up to 10 days. Cocaine abusers will be fired and will need to appear in court.

The World Economic Forum was held in Davos from January 20 to 23. Over 4,500 troops were deployed to provide security to its high-level participants.

The Swiss army operates under a militia system meaning only 5 percent of troops are professional. The rest are conscripts or volunteers between the ages of 19 and 34.

According to Deutsche Welle, the incident didn’t adversely affect the security situation during the summit.

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