Al-Qaeda Germ Rebel Terrorists shell a gas station near Idlib in Syria

Syrian rebels shell gas station near Idlib

9:44AM BST 27 Jun 2013

Syrian fighters attempting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad shelled a gas station being used by government forces in the northern Idlib province, a video published on the Internet on Wednesday purportedly showed.

A man in the video can be heard saying: “(The rebel’s) Daoud brigade and the (Islamist) movement of Ahrar al-Sham are shelling a Shabiha (government militia) stronghold. Allahu Akbar.”

The footage shows the moment a shell lands on a building in the facility, triggering a huge fire.

Other clips capture the devastation caused by a purported airstrike by government forces on a camp in Deraa province, where Palestinians were said to be housed.

One clip showed smoke rising amid buildings in the neighbourhood, as it is shelled.

Other footage from the area showed rebels sifting through rubble and the extent of damage to the site.

Another video captured chaotic scenes from the field hospital at the camp, where wounded children with clothes soaked in blood, are attended to.

The content of the videos, which were obtained from a social media website, cannot be independently verified.

Activists said on Wednesday the death toll from two years of the Syrian conflict had risen above 100,000 – making it by far the deadliest of the uprisings to have swept the region.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the figure included 18,000 rebel fighters and about 40,000 soldiers and pro-Assad militiamen. But the true number of combatants killed was likely to be double that due to both sides’ secrecy in reporting casualties, it said.

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