Alan Jones – Food Security & the Australian way of Life [Video] *****

In his National Press Club address, Alan Jones delivers the speech that every man, woman and child in Australia needs to hear at this crucial junction in our history. Are we going to sit back and allow mining companies and the Governments that support them to destroy our water, our food, our health, our land, our communities and everything we hold dear about Australian life?

This is a battle we did not ask for but one we can not afford to lose. Protecting our nation’s clean water is everyone’s responsibility and its misuse is our greatest single threat. Start shouting, marching and acting NOW people – BEFORE our beautiful nation is sold out from under us and transformed into a toxic foreign-owned gasfield. The stakes could not be higher..

Let us rise up, put an end to this insanity, turn a new page in our history and live a sustainable existence we can feel good about – a life that respects ourselves, each other and this beautiful land we are so blessed to be custodians of. Dont wait. Act NOW people.

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