ALERT – Nurses call on public for HELP — Government IGNORING nurses Ebola Concerns

ALERT – Nurses call on public for HELP — Government IGNORING nurses Ebola Concerns

October 17, 2014




Published on Oct 16, 2014

ALERT – Nurses call on public for HELP — Government IGNORING nurses Ebola Concerns
Published on Oct 16, 2014
ALERT and CALL TO ACTION! The nurses are asking for our help! All links to contact government officials below

If you’re in a labor union of ANY kind , it is your EXTRA responsibility to come to the aid of these union nurses who are asking for public redress of grievance from the government (and are not getting an answer).

Tens of thousands of nurses have banded together, and are demanding answers from public officials…. currently public officials, and hospital MD managers are IGNORING their calls for containment and protective gear.

A nursing labor strike coming? Possibly. If government doesn’t address these concerns, it may happen.


Original audio from National Nurses United soundcloud here:…

Official National Nurses United website here:

Full press release from National Nurses United asking for public help to get a hold of government, asking for redress of grievance from Congress, and the President (and underlying agencies) in regards to Ebola a lack of national protocols on Ebola patient handling, and protection , also regarding isolation standards + practices being EXTREMELY poor.…


Contact the White House:

Contact the US Ambassador to the UN:…

Find your US Representative:…

Find your US Senator:…

Contact your State government:

Contact your local government:

Local Governments and Elected Officials |

Contact the FAA:

Contact the CDC:

Contact the NIH:

Contact the WHO:

Contact the US Army:


The nurses of the United States (and other countries as well) are calling for PUBLIC HELP to get the attention of the President, Congress, and International agencies.

The nurses say they have been IGNORED by those in charge, regarding basic protocols , safety hazards, hospitals NOT being prepared for Ebola (or any other infectious outbreak).

Tens of thousands of nurses on this conference call, as well as several professionals speaking on the matter. ALL of which call for action on the part of the US Administration of President Barack Obama, the CDC, NIH, WHO, and national healthcare agencies (hospitals / insurance / doctors).

Nurses telling a literal horror story of incompetence, confusion, lack of knowledge (ignorance), double speak, uneven standards, and even accusing officials of LYING TO THE PUBLIC and also lying to the nurses regarding basic safety measures which should be taken.

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