All the videos saying Assange is OK are based on old stuff

All the videos saying Assange is OK are based on old stuff

Oct 23 2016
Jim Stone

Many many videos “proving” Assange is ok are being released, and they are all based on old appearances by Assange, there is nothing new. And when people point that out in the comments, rapidly new videos based on old stuff are released, so the comments start fresh with no one pointing out the faults. HERE IS WHAT I WILL SETTLE FOR: ASSANGE SPEAKING FROM THE BALCONY TODAY BEFORE THEY CAN FAKE SOMETHING UP. HIS APPEARANCE MUST BE FOR AT LEAST 5 MINUTES WHILE HE TALKS ON NEW TOPICS WHILE HOLDING TODAY’S PAPER. That’s all folks!

Wikileaks FACTS:

1. The NSA was the one doing the hacks, not Russia. This got aired yesterday.
2. Hillary wanted Assange dead. And I don’t need to mention Russia with regard to Hillary, who BLEW IT with that.
3. Assanges lawyer. CONFIRMED DEAD.
4. Director of Wikileaks, McFayden. CONFIRMED DEAD.
5. Seth Rich, top wikileaks informer. CONFIRMED DEAD.
All those deaths happened within a short time of each other. The Clinton death machine is clearly in overdrive.
6. Julian Assange, USE YOUR BRAIN PLEASE. It is doubtful he is going to appear (I hope he does) I believe it is only a wish.

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