by Barry Chamish

On March 15, two longtime journalist allies almost met our ends too similarly. I endured arterial bypass surgery on my right leg, my fifth bypass in a year, while my friend Joel Skousen was also almost killed by having his plane’s arteries clogged in mid-flight.

Click here: No Time to Panic: Strategic Survival Expert Joel Skousen Survives Plane Crash
No Time to Panic: Strategic Survival Expert Joel Skousen Survives Plane Crash

Former Marine fighter pilot and well known strategic relocation survival expert Joel Skousen ( was flying home from Las Vegas this week when his experimental Glasair I aircraft experienced an unrecoverable problem with the plane�s fuel flow system. According to first responders on the scene the plane was, �completely totaled in the wreck, after flipping and partially detaching the wings.�

Joel, you may recall, wrote this fine plug for the back of my new book, The Stinger Not The Stung.

Barry Chamish puts commentary on his native land that often highlights the reason why Christians should not be blind supporters of the Israeli government, even while they support the principle of a homeland for the House of Israel. – Joel Skousen, Editor Of World Affairs Brief

I called Joel today and interviewed him about the crash:

BC: What happened, Joel?
JS: The FAA says the fuel filter was blocked but they can’t figure out how. The main filter did not have enough blockage to explain a total cutoff. In fact, the fuel pump worked on the ground. No one can tell us what caused the plane’s fall.
BC: Is this a common accident?
JS: No, it’s close to unheard of.
BC: Did you leave the plane open to sabotage?
JS: As a matter of fact, it wasn’t sheltered that night. It was parked at the La Vegas Airport and with cooperation of security, the plane could have been reached and tinkered with.
BC: Just like my arteries.

I told Joel the basic story of my decision to leave Israel, my home of three decades:

On the evening of Yom Atzmaut, 2006, I was invited to a party off an obscure road outside of Modiin. At about 1:30 AM, I left the road and was hit by a car so seriously that I was dead and revived on the hospital table three times.
I stayed in Sheba Hospital for ten days where my treatment was scary to the point that I asked my attorney Dov Even Or to get me released, but more important, to handle the police and insurance sides of my case.
Within a day or two, he informed me that the police would not tell him basic information like who hit me. He had never encountered such an illegal handling of an accident before. Once released, I phoned my insurance agent, Yardena, of Hamburger, Levy Insurance (Jerusalem). She said the Police would not give her any report, nor would they even inform her who had hit my car. Confused by it all, she told me she suspected a police coverup was taking place.
Even Or suggested that I make my police statement to him and he added that I should take a holiday abroad while he handled the police investigation. That was seven years ago.
Two months ago, I asked my friend Baruch to pick up my file from Even Or. He sent me the police report and it was shocking. The police concluded that I had hit the vehicle and caused the accident. It was the polar opposite of the truth.

But I said I’d wait to summarize the scary treatment. It begins with a wacko setup in the Israeli right, the tambourine swinging flake, Ruthie. She had been trying to get me to go to events nationwide for a year and I turned down each invitation. But that night I took my card table of books to sell in Jerusalem and her party was on the way home. Another way to make a few shekels. I followed her instructions, turning right at the first road after Modiin Junction. I was greeted by a sole security guard who ordered me off the road. I followed his orders out and then my car was smashed, me included. I actually died from the smashup.
But I was revived and suffered abuse planned just for me. I was given a room-mate, and with me utterly sedated I didn’t understand that he was a major leftist thinker, so I couldn’t understand why everyone who visited him took the time to call me, the conspirator. The second night I was restrained, tied to my bed, and sedated well beyond anything permissible. Then my bed and his were brought together for gentle sleep.
The next day, my bed was quickly removed from the room because the leftist had done gone and died. His picture made the papers the day after. Okay, the hero dies with me feet away from him, but then the crew isn’t finished with me. I am totally sedated, restrained and my bed is rolled to a makeshift tv studio where I am being mocked and slandered by Channel 10. My role is to be the guest whipping boy when the show ended.
After, I’m rolled to a common area where a doctor surreptitiously slinks his way to my bed and whispers,”I think you’re right about Rabin.”
I knew I had outstayed my welcome and that Israel had turned dangerous, almost deadly, for me. It broke my heart, but I got the Hell out of there.
I have suspected that my body was reached and tinkered with seven years ago in Sheba Hospital. Now, seven years later, I pieced together the ugly picture from my doctors. Around seven years ago, every artery in my body began constricting. In the past year I’ve had a quintuple bypass and valve replacement. My left leg is 60% constricted and will have to be operated on within a year or two. That will constitute a sextuple bypass. I smoke but my doctor noted that this is a contributory factor and it must stop, still it doesn’t explain everything. Joel Skousen quickly observed, “That’s not smoking without help.”
Folks. Just know, I think I did alright. Everything will get verified whether I’m there to see it or not.


Right now I remember all of you who helped me through this latest episode: Tova, Baruch, Herman, Kelli, Hans, Brad, Ron, Ari, and on on. I remember each and every one of you. As I recall Flagler Hospital, St. Augustine for delaying my demise.

Exciting news. I am a feature player in a new 3 hour long DVD called Clear And Present Evil. While I was visiting Atlanta, director Steve Stavro filmed me discussing the Vatican and its relationship to Israel. Somehow I fit into the film, which is a serious expose of the Vatican sect, the Jesuits. The most compelling and disturbing sections are the convincing arguments that American Presidents such as Adams, Jefferson, Monroe, Lincoln and Kennedy were all murdered by the Jesuits. My role is not so grandiose. I tell how Israel is manipulated by the Vatican. I will send you a copy for $25 plus postage, meaning $28 for America, $30 for out of the US.
And I’ll add a DVD of my own free: Choose Vatican Update from either Atlanta or Jerusalem, or in Hebrew with a separate lecture called Save Israel (Hatzeelu Et Yisrael) where my Vatican research is explained in our original tongue.

Here are my latest e-mailed reviews of Clear And Present Evil:

“It’s awesome.”
“It dots all my I’s and crosses all my T’s.”

Just contact me for a copy.

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And if you believe, at long last, that I am the only writer telling close to the whole truth, it’s time to say so with a contribution!


  • Looks more likely that you are in poor health through a lack of health wisdom and the typical attacks on the body by man and pollutions etc. It looks like Joel was just in a crappy private aircraft that had trouble for whatever reason. I doubt this was planned and certainly not your health problem!

    -= The Unhived Mind

    And you are certain of this?


    Pretty much Barry, I feel there is far too much paranoia in the conspiracy arena and lets face it his plane was nothing special right? I understand your hassles of the past in Israel but do not let paranoia creep in on every event in your life. I know someone who is having bypass after bypass because the whole bypass system is utter quackery to start with. Now if he was a truthsayer would he be able to say it is the fault of the intelligentsia? He probably would do since its easier to blame someone else rather than himself, he has no excuse for now so he cannot but you can and obviously are. See what I am saying? I am starting to wise up to this so-called alternative media and the paranoia. Especially when people are connected to Alex Jones like Joel Skousen. May I remind you that almost all of the alternative media is controlled by the continuum of the old American Protective League and more so George H.W. Bush. You can read them like a book and note their agendas of the day. When one gives truthful information not governed by this controlled opposition then one is attacked viciously and attempts to discredit them come forth one after the other.

    Read ‘Left for Dead’ and go from there to the real truth. By the way Homoeopathy is the answer and argue with Queen Elizabeth II if you disagree or believe in the anti-homoeopathic propaganda pushed by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries! You have an opportunity, USE IT whilst it is around or suffer a trip to the surgeons table and be a slave and subordinate to The Worshipful Company of Barbers.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    So much you assume, so wrong you are. My doctor is a homeopath. I consider it voodoo.


    Well Barry then you are a complete moron and an ignorant moron at that. You have done no study of the amazing homoeopathy at all and yet I have. Secondly I have been using homoeopathy on myself for a year now and I have seen some miraculous things that are simply amazing. You are pig ignorant and I have listened to you when your guest was trying to educate you on health but you have blinkers no different to the herd, therefore you deserve the problems you have and you deserve to be a slave and subordinate of the Barbers and the Apothecaries.

    You are also pig headed when it comes to the real power over this planet and the truly ancient orders that truly command it. I am shocked a being can be so open minded enough to question a system (Israeli government etc) but then be so herd minded like a moron when it comes to another area, which in truth is far more important. Why? Simply because he has to take charge of his own life and health instead of relying on others, others which are truly causing more and more problems. You seek the so-called expert just as Bertrand Russell desired for the herd mentality.

    Please do not tell me homoeopathy is voodoo, you think Dame of Malta, Queen Elizabeth II is a fool? You think powerful Guelph bloodlines use what the herd use? They will only use the herd surgery by the Barbers for emergencies! How do you think these people survive plagues and other illness they start to cull the herd? Maybe you should look at the mortality rates for Scarlett fever, 1918 flu, cholera and on and on with the allopathic death quacks you so admire. Now go and look at the tiny mortality rate of the homoeopaths who are the true masters against acute disease as well as chronic disease. Then go and speak to the many parents who have used homoeopathy to help remove toxins from the bodies of children injured by poisonous vaccines which have left them riddled with autism and other problems. It is not voodoo, it is not illusion, it is a true science and I assure you that your intelligence does not even come close to mine as a whole and certainly does not come close to the pure genius of Samuel Hahnemann the creator of homoeopathy and a man I believe to be the greatest healer of all time, far excelling even the Chinese doctors. Many big pharma agents have tried to attack and remove homoeopathy and have failed miserably. One actually went on to become one of the top homoeopaths in the World called Constantine Herring after homoeopathy saved him from amputation and thus showed him the truth about this miracle medicine.

    My homoeopath would run absolute rings around you, just as Dr Peter Fisher the Queen’s physician would. One should not speak ill of something which one does not know or understand. I certainly hate those who do when they have zero knowledge and zero experience. It is very interesting is it not that even allopathic doctors regularly send patients into health food stores so they can pick up homoeopathic Arnica 30C a week or two prior to surgery and then on after surgery to dramatically speak up the healing. So are you accusing these allopathic doctors of being idiots? All because they know it works even though they do not understand why and how it works.

    Look at yourself, your body has become a bag of shit to you, you are in and out of hospitals and having to pay extortionate debt instruments demands for the privilege. What does this tell you? No it is not a bypass conspiracy, it is your bad state of health and lack of health wisdom. I am sure your guest has far better health than you and what is he doing? I did not agree totally with this guest since I have progressed from his stage, but he is on the right track. You dear Barry are being a bloody fool and I am totally disappointed in you but what can I expect from someone who has associated with the likes you have on your show of late.

    Your blinkered mindset is why someone like you could never be part of a high-level esoteric order even if you wanted too and that is because your mind is not equipped for the task outside the tunnel vision programming. This may be a genetic thing or it could just be the level of herd brainwashing you have accepted over time. One thing for sure is that you are lacking true wisdom that is useful for mankind. Spurting out a bit on the Knesset is not really of use to man is it? Giving someone true health knowledge is useful to man. I tell you what Barry, lets both have a heart attack at the same time, I will get my aid to give me Cayenne Pepper in herbal tincture form and you can wait for the paramedics and take your chances with their paddles. By the way the best and safest defibrillator is Cayenne pepper, yes that little old red capsicum hot pepper. You will not be in so much of an awe of the medical mafia when you are denied treatment by an Obamacare death panel because of your age soon.

    All this reminds me of a story once by herbalist Dr John Ray Christopher where by a lady bought her child to him because for years the allopathic quacks could not cure his disease and were simply making matters worse. She had to do this in secret because her husband was against herbs, he had a Barry mindset and saw it as nonsense with weeds. Anyhow Dr Christopher treated the child over a short period of time and cured the child. The father did not even notice until it was highlighted to him. Then he demanded the child be taken to the hospital so the quacks could sterilize the child of the weeds (which had cured him). This is the level of neanderthal mindsets we have to deal with on a regular basis.

    Take care and do not hinder me with your lower vibrational herd mind nonsenses and paranoia. I consider our friendship over and have done for a while as I told you in the past. Enjoy your deceptive agents and their evil ways, enjoy your still hived mind and keep thinking jews rule the World, then watch what happens to Zionism when it has been used up by The Entity intelligentsia.

    May I remind people that Barry Chamish is a regular on the Stan Monteith radio show. Monteith is another controlled opposition who will never ever deal with the Jesuit issue. Instead he wishes to hide the true-players under a single banner called the brotherhood of darkness. How convenient! Even more so when you see he is Vatican connected via the Council for National Policy just like Paul Craig Roberts who is Jesuit trained at Georgetown ‘military fortress’ University and who denies much of the conspiracy. Are we seeing a connection here? Hows about controlled opposition Alex Jones who also guests Joel Skousen too? Lets just say we can all connect the dots right back to Knight of Malta, George H.W. Bush also a Knight of the Order of the Bath and the head of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst which hides in the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency. Shall we say Counter Intelligence Program!

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • Oh, what you don’t know. After my bypasses last year I survived for months on my homeo medicines. I wanted them to work. If they did, it was subtle. I don’t think they did a thing.

    And how you jump from your personal medical beliefs to Zionism makes no sense to me. I’ll stick to where at least part of my diseases originate. I went though a nightmare at Sheba Hospital; restrained, abused and over-drugged. And Rabin was the given reason.

    Don’t dismiss what you don’t know. I didn’t abandon Israel after the hospital stay on a whim.


    If you did not have a positive effect from your homoeopathy (correct spelling by the way) then you were not being treated by a good enough homoeopath it is as simple as that. Then if you think you will reverse deep chronic disease over night or even a few months think again. Chinese medicine will take at least two years or more for deep chronic problems unless you can have treatment daily and even then it is months and that would include acupuncture, herbs and Qi-gong. Homoeopathy is faster and more powerful than acupuncture when performed by a skillful practitioner. My homoeopath is a teacher of the subject as well as being trained in many other things such as hyperspace archetypes which the high-end secret military programs utilize since it is the common language of the universe and again frequency work.

    I have not been able to walk and I have used homoeopathic Iodine known as Iodum LM1 and noticed a difference within hours and then was able to start walking the following day and then normal from then on. So please do not tell me homoeopathy does not work. I have been told its illusion and there is nothing in the solution. So explain how after starting to take sulphur LM1 after just 4 days I was stinking of sulphur from gas as if I had ingested a bottle of jif lemon juice? Tell me why my body released a lot of fluid from my sinuses just 2 hours after holding some Nat Mur cell salt homoeopathy? I can go on and on and on.

    The more filthy the body the longer most treatments will take to remove the disease. I am clean since I have water fasted and eaten well for many years. Therefore I have a more open tunnel shall we say and thus the resonant energy flows easier since it is less buffered. Think of a clear tunnel with you then shouting and getting an echo, if the tunnel has blockages that echo will be weak or non-existent.

    Not only have I saw positive effects I have also felt many aggravations from the homoeopathic preparations, yet another sign of their actions in the body. I have the most sensitive body of all my homoeopath’s patients, many patients are not even aware that the medicine is working or doing anything. Some of us get aggravations! I use LM dosages which are very powerful but at the same time more gentle than others due to my aggravations and Samuel Hahnemann preferred the LM dosages in the end. It is also far easier to buffer out the aggravation with LM dosages than it is with larger 30C+ or M dosages.

    You have to have a skilled homoeopath, just because someone is a doctor or a homoeopath does not mean they are skilled for the job. It is a deep art-form and there are so many parameters one needs to understand before tackling any case. It is not like herbal medicine it is more precise and thus mistakes can be made. Some lame homoeopaths will use mega doses in the M range all too often which is dangerous (so if it is dangerous how can one say it does not work or do anything)? The best homoeopaths will take everything into consideration even your mannerisms, hates, likes, emotions, worries and more, then they have to skillfully come up with the right preparations. One change in those parameters of the slightest thing can mean a whole new preparation is needed.

    Was your doctor skilled enough? I have seen some lame brains attempting this and they have no a real clue and have made some classical mistakes like giving someone two preparations but not realizing the one anti-dotes or cancels the other. Another example is someone giving 200C graphites for Eczema when it should have been a far lower dose, now the patient has a massive flare-up of the eczema which could last for weeks and months (again showing homoeopathy really does affect the body). See what I am saying? Samuel Hahnemann lived well into his eighties at a time when you were lucky to get to thirty. Again argue with Queen Elizabeth II and other Nobles who use homoeopathy and have done since its acceptance. Here in Britain it is funded by the National Health Service, although The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries are trying hard to stop this now and even using the predictable programming soap-operas (Coronation Street) to do the same.

    I have done so many different therapies and I am very sensitive and I know what works and what does not. Rest assured homoeopathy is the greatest medical healer in the World and well known for its fast actions on acute disease far excelling drug treatments which was well known by the medical establishment at one time many years ago. Of course today many have not even heard of the treatment because of the dumbing down of the facts for profit, control and population reduction reasons. Go over the cholera, Scarlett fever and 1918 flu figures of mortality for allopathic quack doctors and then look at the homoeopaths. Study how desperate people were to be treated by homoeopaths during these troubling times and ask yourself why.

    One should not expect a chronic disease to be removed over night, it takes time even with homoeopathy and it has to be skillfully removed. It also needs a being who is willing to note every last symptom etc daily so things are recorded properly and then the proper preparations are chosen to remove the next phase of the disease out of the body. So you may have asthma now as an example but your old liver problem from ten years may flair up and then that problem will need addressing. Again anyone with your problems I highly recommend they check out the book ‘Left for Dead’ by Dick Quinn! Why? The information is simple and easy for most to try and see a definite change for the positive and hopefully they can move forward into new mindsets and health. That book is the stepping stone they need and until they make that move they are on a slippery slope towards a wooden box and a big pile of dirt.

    I have had a life-threatening problem after a cleanse went wrong, I have put my trust in herbal medicines and survived some dangerous times. I have put myself in the safe hands of just water and salt at one point and that knowledge kept me going during a few dangerous times. Knowledge is power and now I utilize homoeopathy the same. By the way I have seen a lump on a leg that could not be removed by herbs etc quickly go down within days on just nat mur and hepar sulph homoeopathics as if by magic. It is well known that a non-old cat with hyper-thyroid can have the thyroid level normalized after just one 200c dose of nat mur. The effect is gradual over a period of eight weeks.

    Homoeopathy is the only treatment which lets the body decide the treatment without any dictation unlike herbs, drugs and acupuncture. Homoeopathy is resonant energy similar to the Royal Ramond Rife info many people harp on about these days. Homoeopathy is regulated and has much provings and documentations not to mention the most excellent Organon of homoeopathic medicine by the genius of Samuel Hahnemann. I have access to a health food store that sells the popular homoeopathics and rest assured many people buy these due to their ailments being helped by the medicines. Unfortunately many never seek a good homoeopath and thus self-medicate which is wrong when dealing with homoeopathy and chronic disease as it is complicated and also very powerful and more powerful than drugs in a lot of ways. This is why one should be careful with those M dosages because if an aggravation occurs it can last for months or longer in this range unless you know how to anti-dote it.

    So Barry whilst you take that dangerous vaccine for the flu and get loaded up with the poisons which aid your mental destruction amongst other things, then I will simply take one homoeopathic Influenzium 30c weekly. Yes just one a week and I will have full protection far greater than your vaccine and without the side-effects and poisons. If I take Influenzium in the M ranges then I could take one tablet for a month or longer depending on the dosage. If I came down with a pandemic flu and threatened by cytokine storm then I will simple take Eupatorium perf which I have experience of with cytokine storming, although this was in herbal form at that time.

    No wonder the Queen uses homoeopathy and does not go anywhere without her homoeopathic kit. Now if it is good enough for her then it is good enough for me. I know exactly why she takes homoeopathy and rest assured QE2 is no mug and of far more importance than almost everyone else on the planet. These people do not like being ill. They do believe when they die that they enter back into this World and this is why they have the strict genetic codes they do in order to make sure that same soul comes back into the same genetic code. Why risk the genetic problems they do from in breeding if there is not a far more important reason for being? By the way did you even know that it is the thirty-sixth day that the soul enters into the child? Even Dr John Coleman highlighted the fact that these bloodlines use alternative medicines (which you shun) such as the positive natural sugars known as polysaccharides (Reishi mushroom) in order to defeat illnesses. Some even have a certain genetic difference where by it is physically impossible for them to get plague etc I forget the coded number of the gene now but I have it in my notes somewhere. How many have this I do not know but it is in existence still today in certain bloodlines but kept a secret of course, I wish I could remember the information exactly but I cannot.

    Your incident in Israel may well have been real, I do not doubt this.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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