Amazon stops selling Takfiri ISIL magazine

Amazon stops selling Takfiri ISIL magazine

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The US-based online retailer, Amazon, has pulled the propaganda magazine of the Takfiri ISIL terrorists from its website.

Dabiq is the English-language publication belonging to the foreign-backed terrorist organization.

Amazon was selling Dabiq for two weeks. The magazine was launched in 2014.

“This product is no longer available for sale,” the UK’s state-owned news outlet, the BBC said, quoting Amazon sources as saying on Sunday.

Amazon was selling the Dabiq magazines in paperback in the UK, France, US, Spain, Italy and Germany.

The money from selling the magazine went to al-Hayat Media Center, recognized by Amazon as the author of the magazine. Al-Hayat Media Center is known to be ISIL’s media wing which helps recruit members for the ISIL in the Western countries.

Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, have yet to comment on the development.

A large number of Western citizens have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join ISIL terrorists and political observers say ISIL propaganda machine has played a significant role in their recruitment.

The terror group has also shared execution videos of Jordanian, Japanese, American, British, French, Egyptian, and Yemeni hostages on social media outlets in an attempt to spread the Takfiri propaganda across the globe.

The terrorists have been carrying out heinous crimes, including executions and beheadings, in Iraq and Syria.

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