Americans’ 91% Opposition to Syrian War Insignificant to Technocrats

Americans’ 91% Opposition to Syrian War Insignificant to Technocrats

Rogue government moves toward war despite American’s opposition

Julie Wilson
August 27, 2013

What better way to lift the veil of distraction from the government’s recently exposed domestic spy program than a brand new war?

America is most likely going to war with Syria this week in what would be history’s most unpopular war yet. According to Reuters, Americans adamantly oppose Syrian intervention with only 9 percent believing Obama should attack the nation.
The poll reveals Americans would be more inclined to support the war if provided actual facts indicating Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did in fact use chemical weapons against his people.

In a period of 7-10 days, American’s support for the war has fallen from 30.2 percent to 25 percent, and those opinions stand only if proof of a chemical weapons attack is provided. Despite the people’s opposition, the US is still aggressively positioning themselves for attack.

Venezuela: “We will not abandon the Syrian people” #NoWarWithSyria (via Tim Anderson)
— Hands OFF Syria (@handsoffsyria) August 27, 2013

#NoWarWithSyria-Attack will mean impeachment for #Obama who will antagonize remains of his base, trigger process leading to regional war
— WebsterGTarpley (@WebsterGTarpley) August 27, 2013

Spread the word. Please, please save my country and my people from more suffering.. Save #Syria from US invasion #NoWarWithSyria
— تحيا سوريـــــة (@maridosa_) August 26, 2013

The claim Assad used chemical weapons against his people is asinine considering the country’s awareness that a Western assault would soon follow. Syria has consistently expressed reluctance to become entangled with the United States military.

Despite blatant war propaganda including photographs of dead women and children who allegedly succumbed to a chemical weapons attack in a Damascus suburb this week, Americans still aren’t convinced.

NBC News reports that the US could strike Syria with three days worth of missiles in an attempt to “send a message” rather than cripple Syria’s army. Warplanes and military transporters are assembling on Britain’s Akrotiri airbase on Cyprus, which is likely to serve as a hub for the air campaign.

Sources say unidentified snipers fired at a vehicle carrying UN inspection team members, further delaying the investigation. The team only needed to travel 15 minutes to get from their hotel to the Mouadamiya district of west Ghouta in Damascus, where the chemical weapons attack is said to have taken place, but they arrived on the scene 4 hours late in a vehicle riddled with bullet holes.

The Guardian’s report said doctors traveling with the UN team took blood and urine samples and recorded video statements from more than 20 victims. The team also collected samples of soil where the chemical rocket allegedly landed, but were unable to access the main six sites where the majority of the chemical rockets allegedly had fallen. The Syrian regime asked them to leave immediately and could not guarantee the team’s safety if they remained.

Dr. Abu Akram confirmed his clinic had 2,000 victims of the gas attack in which 500 were in critical condition. “Eighty people were pronounced dead at the hospital and I now have 20 victims in intensive care,” he said.

The victims told the UN inspection team that they had been sleeping in their homes when the attack occurred.

According to the Guardian, a US military strike on stockpiles of chemical weapons could widely disperse neurotoxins causing far more harm than the alleged previous attack.

As of today the positioning of Navy destroyers and submarines in the Mediterranean Sea will enable the US military to launch Tomahawk missile strikes at Syria with the precision of hitting not just buildings but specifically targeted windows.

Russia and China have both warned the US against attacking Syria before the UN inspection team’s investigation is complete. Both nations made it clear they would be “deeply displeased” if the US proceeds with an attack.

Russia’s deputy prime minister, Dmitry Rogozin described the West as “acting in the Islamic world like a ‘monkey with a hand grenade.’” Russia has subsequently sent aircraft into Syria in an attempt to evacuate their people.

A report by Paul Joseph Watson states that the West’s decision to attack Syria was made over a year ago. The US government’s decision to move forward with an attack on Syria in spite of Americans being heavily against it, further illustrates how out of control our criminal political system has become.

However, this time around Americans are waking up to the rogue government’s war propaganda, noticing it as Obama’s diversion to the tyranny that’s arrived on American soil under the domestic spy program carried out by paramilitary forces now acting domestically.

See below for Alex’s breakdown of the alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack.

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