An impending sense of doom

An impending sense of doom

Jim Stone

The Jews have hit critical mass. They will now win, because the anti-violence psy ops worked so well they can steal an election and never have anyone do a damn thing about it. They can tell you to your face your vote does not count, and no one will do a damn thing about it. They can go on a rampage, destroying children with intentionally sabotaged shots, (AND NO IT IS NOT NAGALASE) and no one will do anything about it. You can say anything you want, as long as there is nothing rational in it that can be applied to an outcome . . . . .
They have won. Let me give you an example: They own all food manufacturing and every major store. They did this as an act of war, and now they can choose which products you buy, and every last one will be a Jewish product. And if every product is a Jewish product, every food product can be sabotaged. They will buy GMO only, and ram it down your throat. You can’t legally grow a garden in most places anymore, they did away with that and you can forget keeping animals for food.

I came face to face with a reality of contaminated foods yesterday, and it was a real eye opener: I frequently drink orange juice and pineapple juice. And about three months ago, the brand I always drank suddenly had artificial sweetener. I checked, and sure enough it had Stevia, which is “The drink that would make a woman barren” spoken of in the Bible with regard to sodom and gamorrah. Stevia is an incredibly effective natural sterilant.

I do not go for any of that crap, so I chose a different brand. Then a few weeks later, the different brand had stevia. So I chose another brand that did not have it. Then, a week later, that brand had it. I then checked all brands and all variants of products, and every single one of them had stevia, every Mexican brand, every American brand,even with items that are NOT the diet alternative stuff, stuff marketed as totally normal 100 percent juice was spiked with stevia for no reason at all. This is puzzling, because absolutely no brand of fruit juice had stevia or any other artificial sweetner 3 months ago, how did they accomplish a complete smack down in only 3 months? A new brand I never saw before showed up, and it was so cheap I doubt it had any real juice. But stevia was not listed in the ingredients. So I bought it, and low and behold, it had stevia, but it was just not in the ingredient list.

I beg to question why.

Actually, there is no question. The reason is that there is a depopulation agenda, and they want everyone to be unwitting participants in a birth control program. And it does not matter that I hate the taste of stevia and would normally avoid it just because of that, but cannot if there is absolutely no alternative without it whatsoever. The only option then is to say fruit juice does not exist. And the only way you could get uniform placement of stevia in every single variant of every single product, both generic and mainstream is if the enemy cornered the entire food supply and forced it on you through 20 different faces.
If they have that much power, WE ARE SCREWED. There is no way out of it. The truth will not be told in the MSM, your vote will not matter at the polls and even normal “not corrupt” law enforcement will follow orders and destroy everything, including their own futures because the enemy controls the top of their command chain and as part of their job, they do what they are told. Give them a fat paycheck to ensure they value their job, and they will do it “well”.

The tribe does not care if they dispose of the intellectual potential of billions of people via tainted vaccines if they want practically everyone dead anyway. And the info realm is owned by them also, with every damning tweet suppressed, every viral truth that could ever damage them significantly squelched, – we are already rendered practically irrelevant with the MSM sitting there like a demonic clown being the only thing we have unfettered access to.

I can see the writing on the wall. They really did hit critical mass, and Trump was the last thing standing in their way. There will never be another great hope, not ever again, in any election cycle. If things are as corrupt as they are, and people just sit on the couch, we have already lost. and we have.

Someone will be enjoying matzo balls at a table with totally un damaged children, and it will NOT be you.

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