An Open Message to Police, TSA & Military: Take a Stand, the Time is Now

6 Dec 2011

Those who stand with the Occupy movement’s rights, and the rights of all Americans have been disheartened after witnessing and/or being subjected to the prevalence of police force used against American citizens who are exercising their rights. The overreach today of the police, military and the TSA is invasive and unsettling. The Constitution is unraveling before our eyes.

Occupy Marines began their initiative to support the Constitution in the face of the monumental infringements we’re witnessing upon our rights. Occupy Police was born, although not as enthusiastically as the former, but the police are the 99% and as such are fighting against their own best interests.

The following video puts these thoughts into words far better than I can convey.

Transcript from Waiting for the Storm:

This is a message to the Police, to the military, to the TSA, to Homeland Security and to members of every other enforcement arm of the government.

I know that most of you chose the life in uniform because you love your country; because you believed in what that uniform stood for; because you wanted to serve and protect… but I also know that deep down inside you sense that something has gone terribly wrong.

You’ve watched with the rest of us as elected officials have incrementally legislated our constitutional rights away, you’ve watched as the state surveillance apparatus has expanded like a cancer through the heart of the nation, and you’ve watched as the corruption has become more and more blatant. I can understand why you haven’t wanted to acknowledge the implications of what you are witnessing. To face the reality of what is happening would mean admitting that you’ve been betrayed, and it would mean coming to terms with the fact that you… are working… for criminals.

I don’t envy your position. I know your job depends on you following orders. I know you have families to support and bills to pay, and I know that if you stand up you could loose everything… but what you need to understand is that continuing to submit to unconstitutional, and immoral orders will not protect you from what is coming.

You may tell yourself that you will take a draw your line in the sand later, that there is a certain point where you will say no, but in reality, you crossed the line a long time ago. You are standing on the wrong side of history right now. You are already participating in the destruction of this country, in the trampling of our rights, of your children’s rights, and grandchildren’s rights. You are the enforcement arm of a criminal enterprise, you are a servant of a rapidly expanding police state, and you DO have a choice.

I’m not telling you this to condemn you. I’m telling you this because we the people desperately need you to take a stand. We desperately need you to have the courage to face your commanding officers, and tell them no, I didn’t sign up for this. No this isn’t right. No, I will not obey these unlawful orders.

You took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Time to start taking that oath seriously.

Waiting for the Storm’s post was tagged under “Oathkeepers” and I’m curious if this was written by one of their members. Solidarity goes further than thoughts – stand together – we are one country. All Americans should be thinking of country first, party last.

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