Another Apothecaries attack on Vitamins, now Vitamin E

Warning on vitamin E cancer link

11 Oct 2011

Vitamin E can significantly increase the risk of men developing prostate cancer, a major study has shown.

The finding prompted a warning to men to be wary of vitamins and other health supplements.

Researchers made the discovery after attempting to confirm earlier reports that vitamin E and the mineral selenium could help prevent prostate cancer.

Instead they found that, in the case of vitamin E, the opposite was true.

Over several years of follow-up studies it became clear that vitamin E in moderate doses raised the risk of prostate cancer by more than would be expected by chance.

Compared with a “dummy” placebo, taking 400 international units (IU) of the vitamin a day increased the rate of prostate cancer detection by 17%.

The harmful effects appeared to continue long after men stopped taking the supplement, the study showed.

The findings were reported by US researchers led by Dr Eric Klein from the Cleveland Clinic in Chicago.

Writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, they said: “Given that more than 50% of individuals 60 years or older are taking supplements containing vitamin E, and that 23% of them are taking at least 400 IU/d despite a recommended dietary allowance of only 22.4 IU for adult men, the implications of our observations are substantial.”

They added: “The lack of benefit from dietary supplementation with vitamin E or other agents with respect to preventing common health conditions and cancers or improving overall survival, and their potential harm, underscore the need for consumers to be sceptical of health claims of unregulated over-the-counter products in the absence of strong evidence of benefit demonstrated in clinical trials.”


  • Yesterday we saw how The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries came out with the pathetic attempt to smear vitamins by claiming they ‘may’ cause death in elderly. I told you then that its all because they’re about to rip all the supplements off the shelves of health food stores under legislation and they want the mass drug taking populace to accept it whilst those with intelligence suffer as their alternatives are removed. This is the real reason why The Carlyle Group has taken over the health-food stores and companies in the United Kingdom. I told you the plan once I found out about Carlyle taking over Nature’s Bounty. The Carlyle Group is in place to make the destruction quicker, simpler and without any difficulties and arguments. In the mean time Carlyle will make what profits they can. Holland and Barrett regularly look at what products they sell which are of good use and see how well they sell, then they remove them.

    Now as for this Vitamin E issue what you’re not told is that in virtually all these set-up job tests by the medical establish aka Rockefeller aka The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries that they do not use natural Vitamin E. During these tests they almost always use the synthetic variety which originated from the waste product of Kodak photography which is a reversed mirror image of the vitamin E molecule. This causes issues as you can imagine with the receptors for vitamin E and renders the synthetic variety useless. Stick with only the natural supplement or foods likes Avacado.

    Once again they don’t tell people how many drugs on a daily basis and chemicals are real carcinogens. They do not tell the people that up to 300,000 U.S. Citizens lose their lives to drugs and their side-effects. The medical establish want rid of any competition as they want disease to aid in profit, control and depopulation especially with this U.N Agenda 21 program aka Sustainable Development aka Comprehensive Planning, aka Smart Growth.

    -The Unhived Mind

  • Media hoax exposed: Recent attack on vitamins a fabricated scare campaign

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