Anthony Gucciardi Donates $2,000 to Directly Feed Homeless

Anthony Gucciardi Donates $2,000 to Directly Feed Homeless

by NaturalSociety
August 28th, 2014

Following the revelation that the latest social media ‘ice bucket challenge’ ALS donation craze had been funding an organization that only allocated about 27% of its funding towards actual research and the pharmaceutical ‘search for the cure’, Anthony Gucciardi has pledged $2,000 to directly feed the homeless on the streets of Washington state.

Working alongside the very charity that made headlines following his coverage regarding the government crackdown on those attempting to feed the homeless nationwide, Anthony’s goal is centered around “taking a stand towards supporting charities that deliver nearly 100% of their donations after essential costs towards their stated goal.” Threatened with fines and jail time, the ‘Crazy Faith’ ministry led by Ben Charles faced a complete shutdown for offering homeless and poverty-stricken individuals on the streets of Washington with meals.

Launching the initiative following the revelations that the ALS Association is only donating around 27% of its donations towards research and ‘finding the cure’, Anthony wrote:

“Ben is doing what most charities only pretend to accomplish in the smallest fashion possible. He is going out and delivering the food, often purchased with his own funds when he is low on donations, and handing out the healthy food items to those who need it most on the streets with his family. We can all make an effort to offer food to those in need in our local cities and towns, but I am extremely impressed by Ben’s system. I am specifically donating $2,000 to his Crazy Faith outreach amid the recent ‘ice bucket challenge’ ALS Association social media donation campaign that I feel to be a major let down. I hope that this donation encourages others to help in ways of spreading information and helping charities that give directly to those who need it most — not a fraction of your donations to their primary cause after paying their executives six figure salaries.”

Setting up for Thanksgiving to directly give to those in need.

Following the donation, which will go towards providing 4,400 to 5,000 servings of food per month for those that need it, Ben Charles of Crazy Faith outreach wrote:

‘Crazy Faith Outreach feeds approx 4,400-5,000 servings of food a month to any and all that have oxygen in their lungs. We currently feed 2 times a week downtown Olympia, Wa. every Thursday & Saturday night.

We even serve Thanksgiving night and Christmas night. Many of those that attend are our Street Family that may not have actual homes. We don’t even call them homeless. We simply call them our Street Family.

We have found it has created the sense of belonging they have been missing in their lives. We also feed many that are on lower income that have a place to live but just are struggling to make ends meet….

We have a regular 30 to 50 volunteers a week. We take any and all volunteers. We sign often for people needing community service. It is such a safe environment that all 3 of my children come and serve at the feeds. They are 8, 9 & 14. Crazy Faith travels all over to different Rez’s to love and encourage people. It seems we have a gift to speak into the youth everywhere we go.

…Everyday we are traveling somewhere to help people, it may be at a hospital, a house call, a funeral, a wedding, delivering furniture to our Street Family that got a new place to live, help someone get into or return from rehab, go to meth camps to visit people, help people get out of human trafficking, jails, and meetings at different Rez’s. Donating to Crazy Faith ensures helping more directly to people in multiple ways. The donation of $2,000 will help feed 2,500-3,000 servings of food with Crazy Faith or more.

Thanksgiving tent.

That is a good portion of just the feeds in Olympia that we do. We live completely on Faith for the last 5 years. We literally pray everything in. We never go with enough food each of the 105 feeds we do a year in Olympia. We pray fishes and loaves over it all, and guess what? Every single person can eat as much as they like and they do…We call it God math…We also hand out clothes, bus fair, food gift cards, gas gift cards and furniture. Now maybe this gives a glimpse of why we live completely on Faith. I don’t have enough time to be able to work a full time job and do Crazy Faith.

…Over all, how blessed are we? Beyond words…

Sowing/partnering/blessing into Crazy Faith gets the funding to The People. Not just a small percentage. I am not saying anything about the groups that allocate small percentage, what I am saying is you can see our pictures and video’s to see that the funding goes to The People and For The People. Our web page is and people can email us at to stand with or partner with Crazy Faith. We can also set up a weekly or monthly donation that automatically deducts to help support Crazy Faith’s efforts to continue to Go.

Bless you. Ben & Denise Charles.’

Huge tent setup to feed the hungry for Christmas.

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