Putin ‘elected Russian president’

4 March 2012 Last updated at 21:37

Vladimir Putin has declared victory in Russia’s presidential elections, returning for a third term after spending the last four years as the country’s PM.

Exit polls and preliminary results gave him about 60% of the vote.

Mr Putin told supporters at a rally in central Moscow they had won in an open and honest battle.

But opposition groups have reported widespread fraud, with many people said to have voted more than once.

They have called for mass protests in central Moscow on Monday.

Meanwhile tens of thousands of supporters of Mr Putin gathered with Russian flags and banners outside the Kremlin for a concert to celebrate his victory.

Making a brief appearance with current President Dmitry Medvedev, Mr Putin thanked his supporters from “every corner” of the country.

“I promised you we would win, and we won,” he said, his eyes watering. “Glory to Russia!”

“We have won in an open and honest battle.

“We proved that no-one can force anything on us.”

Slogans on the banner included “Putin – our president” and “We believe in Putin”, but there were indications that some participants had been ordered to attend.

There is tight security in the city, with 6,000 extra police brought in from outside.
High turnout

The electoral commission showed preliminary results, with returns from more than half the polling districts, showing Mr Putin gaining over 64%, enough to give him a first-round victory over nearest rival Gennady Zyuganov, with about 17%.

The other three candidates were in single digits.

In a news conference after the polls closed, Mr Zyuganov described the elections as “unfair and unworthy”.

But he said that with increasing public anger, Mr Putin “would not be able to rule like he used to”.

“These elections cannot be considered legitimate in any way,” said Vladimir Ryzhkov, one of the leaders of the street protest movement, which was not represented in the election.

Meanwhile Mr Putin’s campaign chief Stanislav Govorukhin described the poll as “the cleanest in Russian history”.

The turnout was 58.3% by 18:00 Moscow time (14:00 GMT), considerably higher than in 2008 elections. Electoral officials forecast a final turnout of 62.3%.

The election was held against a backdrop of popular discontent, sparked by allegations of widespread fraud during December’s parliamentary elections in favour of Mr Putin’s United Russia party.

Observer organisations said there had been thousands of violations including so-called carousel voting, with busloads of voters being driven around to different polling stations.

The alleged fraud came despite the presence of thousands of independent observers and web cameras at polling stations.

Opposition blogger and anti-corruption campaigner Alexey Navalny told the BBC: “Grandiose scale of falsifications, especially in Moscow… mass use of carousel voting.”


    Do not believe the propaganda in this report from the BBC who serve The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Vladimir Putin is the elected President of Russia and now the real action starts. Will Putin not allow World War III to commence and try to continue the intelligent fight against the fascists of New Jerusalem aka Crown Bar or will he destroy those attempting to cross the line? I believe a bit of both but an Iran attack will cross the line and therefore expect Russia to annihilate its enemy. Wave night, night to the U.S. Navy as the two tonne steel beasts from hell come whizzing in fast right on target. The Russian P700 Granit and more modern Russian technology fly like the magnificent intelligence birds they are. I fully back any defensive moves planned and executed by Russia who have a rabid dog of evil breathing down their neck within the Middle East and getting closer to surrounding Russian and China.

    I say viva la Putin, the only leader in the World who is of worth being called a leader in this day and age. Please Vladimir do the right thing and help destroy this vile and filthy Beast of a Roman Empire. Do you stand against mere factions within the Empire or do you have the balls to take on the whole Empire? Its time Emperor Juan Carlos felt the wrath of Russia. Folks how desperate is it when you think about it when we in the West have to ask Russia to save us from tyranny? Only Vladimir Putin can do this unless the people rise right now in true independent revolution and rid the treason from our lands.

    I suggest Vladimir Putin has no talks in the slightest with Madeline Albright, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter and any of the other clowns and especially not with that Malthusian traitor to Russia known as splash head aka Mikhail Gorbachev of the Club of Rome. I call on Vladimir Putin to remove all the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Vatican and Sabbatean Frankists from his land immediately. Remember British Intelligence once again tried to whack Putin only a matter of days ago. Remember back a few years when I told you that British Intelligence had been planning at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington D.C an assassination attempt on Putin? Putin seek your revenge. I would love to get a cage and put Knight of Eulogia George W. Bush inside to fight against Putin. I would then love to do the same with the mack daddy usurper Barry Soetoro. Barry you do not even compare to Putin, you Barry are a lazy good for nothing fraud fit only for basketball, vacations, smoking crack and playing Uranian games aka Larry Sinclair. Its time for the tyranny to end. Anyone who the Mercers attempt to whack must be of worth do you not think? Unless of course it’s all a man-in-the-middle charade but do not bet on it.

    Today is a good day and ‘Glory to Russia.’

    -= The Unhived Mind

    • aLAN

      I have no doubt that Russia is firmly under the control of the Romans and Putin a willing puppet. We have BEEN TOLD by the Jesuit media for the past 50 years that USA and Russia are the two main military powers. However, this information may not be true. Maybe it suited the Romans to make us believe that, and maybe the main military power has been in Europe all along, kept secretly. The nuclear bomb was invented in Europe. Why would the Romans give away the most powerful weapon to America and Russia? I just don’t believe it anymore. Maybe the Romans gave the Americans and Russians just a few nuclear bombs and kept a lot more for themselves…that’s my theory.

      The current logo of the Russian Central Bank is still a double headed eagle…Would Putin keep the logo of the Roman Empire if we was against it?

      • While I understand your words and I also fully understand the Pontificium Collegium Russicum control side of things, I will ask you one question. Was not the United States in the grip of the Roman Empire back when John F. Kennedy was put into power? What was he about to do? What did they do to him before he could achieve this? I fully believe there’s a faction of good out there trying to defeat this Roman Empire. It’s not easy and never will be but it may just happen. Maybe it will be by force or maybe it will be through intelligent economics or just people education and independent revolution. Never forget John F. Kennedy who Privy Councilors Sir John Hobson and Reginald Bevins signed the death warrant of back in 1963.

        The World would be a very different place today had Kennedy succeeded. Yes we would still be heading into a New World Order as a World Government but it would be a peaceful New World Order where the World would eventually be granted the life and freedoms of the old and real the united States of America. Instead the Roman Empire want a slave prison planet from hell just like what you’ve seen in the predictable programming movies, ‘Robocop’ and ‘The Running Man.’ I have nothing against a World Government if it was truly for the benefit of mankind as it could easily be in the right hands. In truth if we are to move on then we do need a World Government system.

        We are advancing too quickly in technology etc but on the other hand we are stuck in many other areas. What areas? Well nothing today is original, we’ve seen it over and over again. I believe we are at a dangerous point in time where if people were allowed to be intelligent they’d crack up in mass. Why do I say this? It’s as if today we cannot progress in any other form other than just technological. Will a being not go mad once he realizes just how meaningless this life has become now? You say well have old-fashioned life styles and work again and this may help alter that. I say this will not because man expects more than overt slavery or that way of life since tasting an easier life of leisure.

        How will one achieve this life evolution? Through technology but unfortunately this means that man also needs to be dumbed down does it not? As this progression in technology continues this will only get worse where eventually the people will have to become drones through transhumanism. The only way the Papal Nobility may stay as a human being is through sick perverted control freak psychopathic mindsets. They will have to use this twisted mind-set to continue or they too will need to have to be in the borg. Its a very dangerous time I believe for the human being and the human mind. I’ve been sitting and thinking about all this for a few weeks now and trying to make sense of what these people are really doing. Whether I like or accept it does not matter. I can see some of why they are doing these things from a much larger picture. It is a form of mind evolution which has been bought about on us all. We have to be careful not to think to deep though on this kind of topic because you can go deeper and deeper in thought and send yourself round the twist aka mental.

        Well you have to remember that nuclear weapons are no longer the daddy and have not been since the Soviet Union developed the most advanced scalar technology. To those not privy to this information it simply means very dangerous hidden and covert frequency weapons based on Nikola Tesla’s work and very much tied now with the Bush family through Barbara Bush and the Catholic Percy family into New Jerusalem aka City of London. Today you will simply see massive events like the Tsunami of 3/11 in Japan simply get passed off as natural disasters.

        You are correct about what is put in front of you is never the true power of the World. Yes Europe is the dominant force but do not count out the United States because it is a well favored arena of the Jesuits running Sovereign Washington D.C. which I believe is run from Jesuit Quebec in Canada. The Jesuits put a lot of effort and time in that region which they saw as a somewhat safe-haven new start for themselves as such back in times of trouble with the suppression of 1776. But ask yourself this, what did the United States do or attempt to do after 9/11 to Europe and Canada? They did absolutely nothing after the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, U.K Ministry of Defence and Royal Canadian Air Force committed an act of war that day of 9/11 killing over two thousand innocent civilians. Can you imagine the power of the British Empire and Roman Empire master for this to go unpunished? This shows the level of control over the region by Emperor Juan Carlos of Spain. The City of London aka New Jerusalem controls everything for the Curia Generalizia at Borgo Santo Spirito. If someone wishes to step up to the plate and have their own Patent pool well wave night, night as the Mercers sign off on that pools transference to the City of London and the destruction occurs to those fronting against The City.

        Look at what the Mercers did to Muammar Gaddafi when he tried to front the Mercers with a Gold backed Dinar curreny for the Middle East and North Africa thus threatening the Empire of Juan Carlos and his Union for the Mediterranean. Not to mention the spitting in the face of Juan Carlos’s title as the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. For this Gaddafi was executed by the French DGSE and this was man-in-the-middled onto the National Transitional Council Al-Qaeda rats. For this Nicholas Sarkozy as President of France was granted thirty percent of the Libyan light sweet crude for his corporation known as France really the European Union via the Lisbon Treaty. Not to mention Gaddafi desiring to feed the region utilizing his massive water aquifer. Do you think Juan Carlos wanted that to happen when he has his Mikhail Gorbachev fronting his Club of Rome of Malthusians desiring food shortages for population reduction? Not to mention how the Houses of Bourbon and Savoy wish to dominate all water via the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus controlling the St Lazare Foundation aka World Society. Remember all Water is to be covertly theirs and overtly fronted by the United Nations and U.N Proposition 21. It will be a crime punishable by fine and imprisonment to even collect rain water.

        Finally on the subject of the double headed Janus flag of Russia please remember that the Roman Empire was split in two such as this Byzantine Roman Empire. Remember the differences between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Vatican. Do not forget the long hard Jesuit attempts to infiltrate Russia and the long suppression of the Jesuits in the region. Take a look at the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre and its Granduca Alfred Josef Baldacchino.

        -= The Unhived Mind

        • Aaron

          Make sense indeed. The current model of human growth is not sustainable and we rely too much on machine even in remembering stuff and spelling. We now type stuff down and save in computer using it as second brain and have machine finish up our typing with spelling checker and completion. We think we are smarter but we are actually dumb down. Young people nowadays cannot even cook a meal while such is a daily skill in the old days.

          Back on the Russia thing; Remember Rome was split to 2 with Western and Eastern. And Western renamed to Vatican (Papal) to remain in control as they found conventional central government don’t work well as people don’t buy it anymore so they use religious $ military order covert control instead (Easier since you can just say God wills it). As we now know their God is Satan and ours is the Almighty GOD. Western Roman/Vatican/Papal/(Un)Holy Roman/Egyptian/Babylon is the same line continuum of the evil slave master degenerate.

          The Eastern Roman was started like Western but along the way they changed. It is majority Greek and Orthodox mixed with Asian elements. Western world started to discover Eastern world better here and they meet here in Constantinople with trade route all the way to Beijing through silk road along with Mediterranean shipping route. It is the new center of the world. The Greek don’t like the Roman as it is Spartan & Alexander blood as they are the real pioneer of Western advanced civilization. That’s why now Rome punished them by economy crisis now to take revenge to the Greek and Orthodox. Eastern Roman pushed the western civilization higher in cultural, knowledge, spiritual and it is a golden city. Vatican seek to destroy it with Crusader making the puppet Latin kingdom. Eventually Byzantine came back restoring it but it lost all the wealth to Western Roman rat. But before it was gone it was legitimately transferring it to Moscow making it the third Rome through Orthodox church. No 2 Rome can exist and it must be destroy or subdue. Did it with some puppet prince and Communism but Putin is determine to restore it. The twin eagle make them suspicious but it just a sign and whats matter is the context and spirit behind it. It is a long time heritage and cannot be simply dropped, furthermore it is proud looking anyway and it is Byzantine now, not Rome.

          On the China side. The Kang Xi Emperor of Qing Dynasty expelled the Jesuit telling them there is nothing we need from you and gave/compensate the Jesuit some silk and gold and toys and tell them to go back. This has humiliated the Jesuit and took revenge many years later with British empire and drug them with opium. China resisted still and British again use the Taiping rebellion with HongXiuQuan calling himself a Messiah and Brother of Jesus (sounds like a Jesuit rat) and British supplied him guns and mortar to build his Catholic kingdom and split China into a new Southern Empire but could not last long. Mainly due to them destroying China heritage by wrecking their Buddhist temple and ancestor temple angered the Chinese. Furthermore Hong is a sexual maniac and all he wanted is endless sex. Then Chairman Mao came in with support of Russian Communist Jesuit puppet to absorb China. But Mao is a double agent I think as he knows he need help to first rebuild China and unite its people. The Jesuit seek to overthrow him later stage with the Gang of Four (Shanghai Gang) when he don’t play ball but failed due to Chairman Deng Xiao Ping. Also Soviet then cut off relationship with China to starve them and almost started a new communist with neo-communist war. Note that China central power is split with struggle between Northern Beijing Gang which is more People centric and Southern Shanghai Gang with business corruption and fairly control by Jesuit. Deng is a hardline nationalist like Putin and developed China version of Neo-Communism which is clearly different if you study it. The Tiananmen square revolt is again to overthrow him with western brainwashed youth and again failed. These youth now all reside in US still making noise along with Dalai Lama seek to break China from outside. Study the showdown with Deng and the Queen when British wanted to keep Hong Kong. Before Deng died he already established power circle and selected President Hu for the future while let President Jiang supported by Western power as intermediate until Hu is ready. Jiang and Premier Li Peng were corrupted with scandals but Premier Zhu Rong Ji finally came in and keep them in check. Zhu once said he has a coffin ready for himself as he is ready to strike if the corrupted step too much out of line. Jiang has lots of deal with Clinton and Bush but at the end he is double agent still with Premier Zhu checking him always. Finally President Hu taken power along the people’s premier Wen started the China golden era vow to return China to the greatness of TANG Dynasty. Now 2013 will have another next in line leaders trained by Hu and Wen With Xi JinPin and Ke Qiang.

          All this set the stage for Alliance of Russia and China again with Shanghai Corporation Organization as Russian and China has no real conflict for the reborn of new “Mongol Empire”. Note that Russia is the legitimate claim to Rome Empire as 3rd Rome while they also legitimate claim to Mongol Empire as married with Genghis Khan family and Russian hold the title Khan as well. Without Russia navigation help, Golden horde can never make it in the old time in Europe. Too bad they not able to finish Rome off simply too far stretch and their Khan died.

          Look at the SCO block and it is same as the old Mongol Empire. It is now showdown between the (Un)Holy Roman Empire and the Mongol Empire again. The Japanese is weak as the Samurai is always happy in their own island and savages with no political smart motive. But the Chinese and Russia is different.

          Anyway, I might be wrong and they are all Puppet of Vatican as Eric Jon Phelps said. Oh well…..

          • Very good. I take it that this is from a Chinaman?

            Especially important was his reference to Kang Xi! This is how we understand the ceaseless attack of the Order via the British Crown upon the Chinese people during the 19th century and the overthrow of the Manchu dynasty in 1912 by that horde of eight armies controlled by the Order. The coup d’ grace was the imposition of Freemason Mao in 1949, he then expelling the Order to deceive the masses into believing communism was anti-Jesuit/anti-Vatican.

            Brother Eric

        • MetalHeadViking

          Very interesting.

          However I do not belive I am ready to jump into the Putin-bandwagon quite yet. How do we know Putin is for real. And that he really is against Rome.

          He was in Rome back in 2007. The jesuits said it was an “ecumenical” meeting. However the Orthodox patriarchy denye that.

          • New Jerusalem aka The City of London wants rid of Vladimir Putin as far as killing the man and therefore even if just one faction hates his guts thats good enough for me to like him for now. I’ll put it too you this way, if a TV was on with Vladimir Putin speaking then I would sit, listen hard and want to do so. If I saw a TV screen with either David ‘Common Purpose’ Cameron or usurper terrorist Barry Soetoro then I would walk on by or switch it off as I know its all bunkum. If Vladimir Putin burned all these swines with Granits I would bow at his feet and shake his hand. Lets hope Putin sends out some assassination teams to whack Hillary Clinton and Madeline Albright.

            -= The Unhived Mind



    Putin dubs McCain ‘nuts’, says US drones killed Gaddafi

    • This video and comment is an absolute classic about the treasonous demented vermin John McCain. The same John McCain who has aided the almost completion of Martial Law in the U.S. with the demonic National Defense Authorization Act tied also to Carl Levin. John McCain is a crazy who’s hell-bent on war and destruction as he plays a large role in the destabilization of the Middle East including Iraq. As soon as Barry Soetoro announced troops were to be pulled out Iraq, John Mccain instantly opened his venomous chops and then a day or two later bombs and chaos occurred in the region. He should have stayed in that pit and died so his wife Cindy the porn queen could find a real man.

      -= The Unhived Mind

    Putin: Who gave NATO right to kill Gaddafi?

    Right to Rally: Putin defends protests, slams Clinton

    Raw Video: Putin Shows Off Judo Moves

  • Aaron

    Most impressive indeed. The Russian has always been a hardened people since ancient time. I believe mainly because they have tough viking blood in them, furthermore added mixed with also Genghis Khan Mongolian. The Russian was only conquered by Mongolian and no one has been able to repeat that. An alliance of Russia and China will see the reborn of Golden Horde that once almost swept across Europe heading towards Venice and Rome striking down the heart of Rome.

    • Remember the Jesuit Order and loyal Sabbatean Frankists created the Russian Revolution funded by Knights of Malta in New York and organized by Knights of Malta in St Petersburg. Remember Jesuits subordinated the Knights of Malta in 1798 after taking revenge on the Knights for the 1768 suppression of Jesuits out of Malta. Now it was time to remove those Imperial Decrees creating a division between Knights of Malta and the Holy See bought about by Alexander I of Russia. Once the Russian Revolution was over the suppressed Jesuits were suddenly reinstated back into Russia in the exact locations of the Knight of Malta organizers. You should also find a connection I believe with The Royal Order of the Seraphim in all of this.

      -= The Unhived Mind

    Vladimir Putin helps Russian Stocks to jump to seven month high

    If you want to see your MP at the House of Commons nowadays you will have to brave some 37 police officers, a body scanner, a bag scanner, a body search, two turnstiles and seven sub-machine guns, four of them brandished recklessly inside a confined space. That is before you reach the central lobby, the safest place on earth yet still needing three more policemen to guard it. Putin’s Kremlin is as open as Starbucks in comparison.Simon Jenkins @ LINK

    Traitor to Russia, Mikhail ‘CLUB OF ROME’ Gorbachev causing uprisings in Russia based on Western PROPAGANDA

    Splash head Mikhail Gorbachev puts activists in Moscow street for uprising attempt on Putin

  • AntiSionist

    Russia May Give NATO Air Base for Afghan War

    Russian FM Warns Against Afghanistan Pullout
    by Jason Ditz, March 14, 2012

    Saying that such a move was in the nation’s “national interest,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov threw his weight behind a proposal to provide NATO with an air base in Russian territory to use for the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan.

    “We are helping the coalition,” Lavrov said, adding that he was opposed to any NATO deadlines to end the war, and believed that the war should continue as an effort toward “eradicating the threats of terrorism and drug trafficking in Afghanistan.”

    The deal is far from finalized, but would see Russia giving NATO a base in the city of Ulyanovsk, potentially an opportunity for the occupation forces to replace the Manas base in Kyrgyzstan, which the Kyrgyz government has said it will convert to commercial use after the US lease expires in 2014.

    It also gets Russia even more deeply involved in the Afghan War. Russia has been allowing NATO to ship certain supplies through its country to Afghanistan, and has suggested providing some more direct training aid to the conflict. Giving NATO a base inside Russia is an unprecedented move, however, and underscores just how interested the Russian government is in keeping the war going.

    I can’t understand why Putin is allowing this. Unless Makow and Story are correct about Putin being part of the in crowd. Let’s hope I’m wrong.


    Putin’s Russia — Illuminati Controlled & Corrupt

    For consideration…

  • ChrisStrunk

    There is something to be said for any leader willing to defend his own borders. The apparent trap that is being set for Russia would be sprung harmless were Mr. Putin to release the satellite coverage of the September 11, 2001 activity around lower Manhattan. The thousand year battle between the Eastern Church and the RCC would be placed on a level playing field were it shown the the Manhattan Rotary Club acting through the Atlantic Council to shutdown NORAD to accomplish what it has done to imperil the world is what it is.

    Russian American relations were and are of tremendous importance still despite the shenanigans of Ultramontane Fascism. See

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