Anti-Iran terrorist group executes ringleader’s killer

Anti-Iran terrorist group executes ringleader’s killer

Wed Sep 3, 2014 9:39AM GMT

The Jaish-ul-Nasr terrorist group says it has executed the killer of the group’s ringleader, Abdul Rauf Rigi.

Rigi was killed by Ibrahim Mehrnahad in Badin district in Pakistan’s Sindh province on August 28.

Iran has objected to the presence of terrorist groups in the Pakistani territory whose members infiltrate into Iran to carry out bombing attacks and acts of terror.

The Jaish-ul-Nasr terrorist group, backed by Pakistani security forces, is currently in the western Pakistani province of Balochistan.

Mehrnahad is an Iranian Balochi activist who spent three years in a jail in Iran’s southeastern city of Kerman. His brother had already been executed.

The Jaish-ul-Nasr terrorist group has released footage of Mehrnahad’s confessions and claimed that he had worked for Iran’s Intelligence Ministry.

However, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry spokesman Hossein Ali Amiri rejected the claims, saying Abdul Rauf Rigi was killed as a result of internal disputes between Jaish-ul-Nasr and other terror groups, namely Jaish-ul-Adl.

Conflicts among terrorist groups stem from their differences over how Iranian abductees such as Jamshid Danaeifar should have been treated. Danaeifar was one of five Iranian border guards kidnapped by terrorists and transferred to Pakistan back in February. Abdul Rauf Rigi believed that the Iranian border guards should have been killed.

Saudi Arabia provides the Jaish-ul-Nasr terrorist group with financial assistance. The group enjoys Pakistan’s security support as well.

A Few weeks before his killing, Abdul Rauf Rigi had met a key operative of the Takfiri ISIL militants in Jordan and swore allegiance to the ISIL ringleader.

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