‘Putin Involved in Drug Smuggling Ring’, Says Ex-KGB Officer


Russian president Vladimir Putin and his long-time ally Victor Ivanov, who is currently head of Russia’s narcotics agency, have been implicated in helping run a drug smuggling and money laundering ring in St Petersburg in the 1990s. The allegations were made by ex-KGB officer Yuri Shvets who spoke at the inquiry into the death Alexander Litvinenko yesterday.

Shvets testified in front of Ben Emmerson QC, expanding on a report he had compiled with fellow ex-Russian intelligence agent Alexander Litvinenko in 2006, a few months prior to the latter’s death from polonium poisoning.

According to Shvets’ sources, which include the late Litvinenko, an anonymous party “sufficiently close to Ivanov to have been his former assistant”, as well as the Ukrainian security services, “Mr Putin was directly involved in a company that was laundering drugs from Colombia” [sic].

The ‘due diligence’ report, which Shvets and Litvinenko compiled for Titon International, a security firm based in Mayfair, explains the alleged historical link between Putin, Ivanov and the infamous St Petersburg criminal gang Tambovskaya in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Tambovskaya criminal group, also known as Tambov, is one of the most infamous Russian organised crime groups and have been referred to as “The Russian’s Goodfellas”.

Shvets alleges that as Putin and Ivanov rose from their positions in the security services (KGB/FSB) to more prominent ones in the St Petersburg administration during the 90s, Ivanov “was cooperating with gangsters” such as the now convicted money-launderer Vladimir Kumarin-Barsukov – the leader of the Tambovskaya gang. According to Shvets, Putin “protected” Ivanov while he was engaged in criminal activity, using his position in the St Petersburg mayor’s office to do so.

In the late 1990s Ivanov was reinstated to the security services and became head of internal security, while Putin headed the FSB. Shvets says that by then the agency had “assumed the methods used in the past by the organized crime – racketeering, extortion, protecting ‘friendly’ businesses and cracking down on ‘unfriendly’ ones”.

Meanwhile the inquiry also heard from Shvets that Ivanov’s branch of the FSB in the 1990s “was most closely involved with systemic organised corruption”.

According to Shvets, his and Litvinenko’s report further described possible ties Putin had with Kumarin-Barsukov while Putin was working in St Petersburg government in the 1990s, including that Putin was named as a member of the advisory board of a real-estate company called SPAG in 1992, whose subsidiary company Kumarin-Barsukov was a board member of.

Kumarin-Barsukov denied ties to the Russian president, before being sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2009 for money laundering, having also been charged with organising murder and attempted murder.

The inquiry is currently investigating the possibility that Litvinenko’s murder was orchestrated by the FSB, something that Shvets says could not have been done without the knowledge and consent of “the top authority in Russia, which is Vladimir Putin”.

The inquiry continues.


  • theunhivedmind

    As I said in the title, Newsweek is controlled not by the Central Intelligence Agency but in fact the British Secret Intelligence Service aka MI6. Lets remind ourselves that it was MI6 with William Stephenson who created the CIA (and the Israeli Institute) by merging elements of the OSS with the Nazi SS. British Intelligence is the biggest drug trafficker the world has ever known and the roots of this trafficking go back to the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London who mastered the finest poppy plants in conjunction with the Horticultural Society of London. These poppies were then shipped out to India under the Honourable Company of East India’s Viceroy of Bombay position held by both James Farish. James Rivett Carnac, William Hay Macnaghten, George William Anderson, George Arthur and Lord Elphinstone. These prime poppies then ended up infesting China with Opium bringing about the Opium Wars. The London Missionary Society were teaching Chinese how to ‘chase the dragon’ meaning smoking opium whilst the pirate organization also had the intent to destroy Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to favour the backward poisoning quackery of the same Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London or as some like to call it ‘Big Pharma’. So isn’t it ironic that Dope INC aka the New Venice (British Empire) attack Putin with what they do on a scale unimaginable all whilst their Trans-Atlantic monetary system is now totally insolvent and collapsed. The good thing is that most people are turning away from these mainstream forms of media like Newsweek and instead searching for real information. When a group or beings’ are dishonest then eventually they will be found out and right now the herd are waking up to all the pirates of New Venice and its systems of Zeusian slavery. So if we want to focus on high-level drug traffickers then we have to focus on King Felipe VI of Spain from the House of Bourbon and New Doge Queen Elizabeth II of New Venice from the House of Windsor. Look into the importance of Sicily to the Dope INC heroin trade and then make further notes of the House of Bourbon control of the very same region! Ask Gary Webb and Brian Downing Quig about who controls the drugs in the United States, oh you cannot because they were assassinated to cover-up the facts. Lets give you one clue; he’s under the thumb of Prince Charles and a member of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath not to mention a Nazi? Yes it is George H.W Scherff (Bushfraud aka Poppy Bush [the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst spokesman for the Americas]). Do not think the war in Afghanistan was over oil it has many multiple angles but one of the main ones was the heroin trade. Now lets do some maths! A barrel of oil is now around $48 and could drop even more and at max its been around $140. A barrel of heroin is worth around $20million uncut and when cut it can be worth anywhere between $60-80million. Do you still think the world’s economy is run solely on black gold aka oil? The Worshipful Company of Fuellers hold a lot of power but the daddy is the drugs trade, either way the Worshipful Company of Mercers sits pretty heading the Masonic ‘pirate galleon’ Lodges of the Livery and their many veils and disguises.


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  • theunhivedmind

    oh really, then I guess Bush and his Afghan narcotics ring should not be mentioned. Do people ever read things outside of the generally accepted propaganda. Next thing you will be posting is that Putin is running and master minding a paedophile ring, just like Thatcher was hiding, Clinton is a part of etc. The propaganda is pathetic nowadays and as a decent publication before its turned into nothing but a Zionist mouth piece. No wonder I haven’t patroned it for over 5 years. I means its pretty obvious that every Zionist controlled media outlet is painting Putin as the master mind of all Evil, when in fact the Zionists that control DC, the EU commission and British Parliament are pulling out all stops to start WW3 (hey we are in debt up to our eye balls, how else are we to renege on our debt? 100+% debt to GDP, 1% debt to GDP for Russia). How about Minsk, who the F is trying to torpedo the truce? Who was not invited for the talking by its allies???? Says alot. For you flag huggers that have ZERO clue, enjoy the Patriot Act and the recent executive orders by yours truly because its going to be very nasty very soon. Writing was always on the wall but some like to keep their eyes wide shut!

    -Victor Yeung

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