Anti-terror bid should include all ME countries: Russia

Anti-terror bid should include all ME countries: Russia

Thu Oct 2, 2014 1:54AM GMT

All Middle Eastern countries, including Iran, should be involved in the collective fight against terrorism, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says.

“It is necessary to fight terrorism. We are open for this (to fight). The governments of the states in the region are open to take part in this fight too, including the governments of Iraq and Syria. The government of Iran is also ready for this,” Lavrov said at a news conference with his North Korean counterpart in Moscow on Wednesday.

“It is necessary that in this fight nobody would be excluded from the collective efforts and an approach to achieve the goal would prevail, but not an approach which is determined by certain ideological preconceptions,” the Russian foreign minister added.

Those who are taking unilateral measures to counter terrorism in the region are actually exposing it to more threats, Lavrov stated in reference to US attempts to fight terrorism in the Middle East.

The Russian foreign minister also said Washington’s inability to evaluate its policies during the last decade has led to the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. He noted that Russia relies on the UN Security Council’s resolutions in its policies regarding international issues.

On September 23, the United States and its Arab allies started targeting ISIL positions in Syria. Warplanes from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates participated in the airstrikes.

Washington has supported militants operating against the government of Syria since March 2011. Many political commentators say that a war on the ISIL is a pretext for the United States to move in and protect its interests in the region.

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