AP Published Story Day Before Navy Yard Shootings! (Debunked)

AP Published Story Day Before Navy Yard Shootings! (Debunked)

Paul Joseph Watson
September 17, 2013


Did the Associated Press accidentially publish intricate details of the Navy Yard shooting the day before it happened, therefore proving some kind of conspiracy? No, it was a time stamp error.

These kind of disinfo rabbit holes only serve to distract us from the real issues, such as SSRI drugs, video games and the gun control debate.

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  • theunhivedmind

    In this case Paul Watson may have a point and be correct in what he is saying but be careful of him. I noticed he hinted that talk of crisis actors in conspiracies theories is disinformation. Also notice how he calls people who are being diverted, the hardcore conspiracy theorists. What does that mean exactly? So is Paul Watson and Alex Jones not hardcore conspiracy theorists? Is Watson trying to lump people who go deeper into the conspiracy arena and point out deeper levels of power with misinformation as well?

    Do not trust this British guy because I exposed his lies during the Woolwich event. Watson rightly pointed out a lie in the conspiracy arena being the altering of video to change colorings of blood. But then Watson went on to try to divert you from the obvious strange goings on that day. Please take a look at what I highlighted on him and the event. I am sure you will agree with my conclusions and thoughts as they are common sense.

    The mass alternative media is controlled by Knight of Malta, George Herbert Walker Bush the head of the Americas division of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst hiding within the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency. We have exposed the Alex Jones clique numerous times and its link to the Knights of Malta through Jones’s own family as well as his guests like Pat Buchanan. May I remind you that Alex Jones has even had a Rothschild on his show. Interesting how people question Ben Fulford because he interviewed David Rockefeller but no one questions Jones’s show having a Rothschild on it. You have dodgy characters all around you throwing out information, you need to weed through it all.

    -= The Unhived Mind


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