Apple smart phone psy op

Apple smart phone psy op

22 Feb 2016
Jim Stone

Dont believe for a minute that “apple wont crack” a smartphone for the government. This entire thing is such a filthy transparent lie on so many levels it makes my blood boil. Here are the reasons:

1. It plays make pretend that the government actually cared enough about privacy to not mandate that every CPU have back doors and be hackable.

2. It plays make pretend that the government actually cared enough about privacy to not mandate that every operating system have back doors, JUST FOR THEM, and not be hackable.

3. It plays make pretend that the NSA did not record everything that ever happened on that cell phone to begin with, when it went across the cell network and internet to begin with.

4. It plays make pretend that Apple never knew it had to make things penetrable for the government, and gallingly makes it look like Apple could actually do something to prevent snooping if they wanted to. This is ludicrous. That Iphone is not a custom device stolen from Russian intelligence.

5. It plays stupid with people who have common sense.

6. It amounts to stealing, in this case, the federal government stealing honor and credibility they do not deserve, simply by lying openly in front of everyone by saying they cannot get in, which implies they had respect for people and have to make a special case now when in reality, the only special case out there they might not pay attention to FULL TIME is a cell phone issued by a care center to a downs syndrome dependent who spends all day playing a catch the rabbit game with it and nothing more. And even that particular cell phone would probably be bugged, because they would turn the camera on to watch the janitor.

7. Even the Mcafee owner speaking up on this angers me, because 3 years ago I had a man who worked for both Mcafee and Norton at different times tell me that they have to make their products resistant to hackers, all the while they provide totally open back doors for the NSA to walk right through, and in many cases the back doors they provide are even better than the ones from Microsoft. That makes the owner of Mcafee a bold faced liar.

8. This entire charade pisses me off because I believe they killed Steve Jobs and know they destroyed the vastly superior Commodore Amiga because both were not playing ball with the NSA data rape program. To destroy the Amiga they simply removed it from store shelves all the while it was selling extremely well. Those that remained were scooped up and used by professional musicians and concert venues as equipment and lighting controllers because even to this day, nothing from Microsoft, Apple, or Android can match what the Amiga was, with the Amiga being capable of controlling 65,000 different pieces of stage equipment OUT OF BOX, from pyrotechnics to lights to curtains, SIMULTANEOUSLY IN REAL TIME without a single glitch. The government does not want people to have computers capable of more than lighting up a screen and running speakers, and even at that, it has to be hacked.

And I guess the entire phone charade angers me mostly because they EXPECT ME TO BE STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE IT.

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