Army Special ops: All new cars hackable, shut downs to begin this year

Army Special ops: All new cars hackable, shut downs to begin this year

A reader wrote to me questioning the many train commercials now on TV in America. This could be the reason:

I received an E-mail with the following:

Marc was in US Army special ops during the first Gulf War.
He told me that the car shutdowns will begin in July 2015.
I never bet on dates, because the date is the most unpredictable
factor in any future forecast.
I was typing fast as he was talking, so it’s sort of

—–Original Message—–

Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 12:51pm

Subject: Info from Marc, Ex-US Army Special Ops

Lockdown. Autos from 2006 (2005) have trackable technology. The Cash-for
-Clunkers program was to take out many of the cars that cannot be hacked.
They can shut off cars so
that they’re immobile. Rural dwellers will be told to move to cities.
ECUs (electronic control units) in cars communicate with GSM which
communicate to cell towers in the programs: “gossimer” or “triggerfish.”
Everything is operating off of GSM: bombing, drones, vehicle traffic,
etc. Smart devices in the home goes through NIST system. Marc noticed
that his 2011 pickup
had digits and letters going across his car radio display . A cop told
him that he was being hacked.
His 2011, and all post 2005 cars, has an
electronic steering box. The GSM told his steering box to turn 90 degrees
to the right, which tried to run him into the river bank. GSM can also
tell your ECU to deploy the airbag when you’re doing 70 mph. That impact
will throw you out of control of your car, and to your death.

They are going to
shut down cars, and lock us down with smart car technology, and force us
into the train transportation system,. We will be forced to accept mass
transportation. ECU has a bluetooth adaptor to make the car be commanded
from incoming GSM commands. HuffPost reported the driverless car. This
makes you a victim to whatever maneuver they can force your car into.
Daimler, Mercedes, BMW, Cooper. Michael Hastings’s death was their
test of the system. His story was about to target all the way up to the
White House.

Remember how Andrew Breitbart was assassinated just before
he was to release a video. Obama handed off this program to DARPA.
CashForClunkers program was to get rid of the non-controllable older cars.
Inside dashboards or inside A/C vents there are sensors which monitor
temperature and automatically adjust cabin environment, but they send back
messages to the auto companies, reporting the number of passengers in the
car by their body heat. It can also detect children and pets. The Electronic
steering box is commanded from open air GSM transmitted signals. The
steering angle solenoid is what triggers the airbag. They can prevent
the airbags from deploying. The guy who hit Marc had AIDS, herpes, and
was dying. That man signed a contract to take Marc out. Marc’s brakes,
airbags and seatbelts failed during his accident. ABS system, airbags and
seatbelts can be disabled by transmitted GSM death commands.
Marc is still
alive because his driving course at Quantico, Virginia taught him to cut the
wheel all the way to the left or right to minimize the impact force so that there
is a side impact, rather than a frontal impact.

The mass train transportation
system is the final stake in the heart of America.

Lexus-Nexus is the reporting agency for everything about you. Marc learned
from an insurance agent that financial, medical, insurance companies have
access to all of his information. So they use this auto risky driver info
to deprive you of your driving right. It’s designed to force people out of
their cars. Lexus-Nexus is the ultimate in profiling. The train program is
just one part of the entire mass control grid matrix. All cars from 2005 on
are fly by wire and are automatic execution vehicles.

July 2015 is the public mass train transport date. They’re going to
electronically shut down the cars and force everyone to take the train.
They’ll say, hey, trains are cheaper than auto insurance. It’s not just about
the trains. It’s everything. What you do to defeat GSM=>in-car-ECU. . the
GSM transmits a pulse received by your ECU. Disconnect all the plugs on the
ECU, if you can access it. There is a nipple-like receiver at the center of
your dashboard, near the windshield.

My comment: Lots of true info here, but also lots of stuff that cannot be verified and my nemesis – the prediction with a date. If, however, there are tons of train ads on American TV, this would definitely fit the scenario above.

No doubt cash for clunkers was a black op for destroying the best secure cars out there. Did you know: In order to qualify for destruction under the cash for clunkers program, the car had to have had no mechanical issues for two years prior to being destroyed, could not have changed owners, the whole 9 yards. They made good and sure they destroyed the best of the best cars, which had absolutely no mechanical issues whatsoever. If your car had any mechanical issues in the two years prior, it did not qualify for the program. Additionally, if it was too old (as a real clunker would have been), it did not qualify and the program accepted and destroyed perfectly good cars as little as six years old (all the way up to 2003 model year). Considering when that all took place, were they destroying clunkers? Hell no!


President Obama’s recent request to Congress to declare war on ISIS may be the pretext for a false flag nuclear attack, from which they will then use the EMP as an excuse to explain why all the cars died, when really it was a remote command sent to shut them off.

Be ready for a false flag nuclear attack on American soil this summer if any of this is real at all, and as I have said before, rather than being susceptible to EMP, modern electronics (of the type found in a laptop or LCD tv) are in fact completely immune to a nuclear EMP because they are too small to couple with the EMP signal and on top of this have protection diodes in many places which completely renders any (NUCLEAR) Emp harmless. Obviously a high frequency EMP in the GHZ range will fry them, but with nuclear EMP’s averaging 1/1000th that frequency, they simply cannot drive energy into a modern micro circuit. A nuclear EMP can only affect the grid, or possibly blow a starter motor, but that is the end of it, it cannot blow a car completely out.


1. The grid.
2. Land line telephones.
3. Extremely long run computer networks which use the old twisted pair wire.

If the nuke goes off less than 15 miles away, the following may be affected:

4. AM radios, due to their antenna type
5. Electric motors, due to their long windings.
6. Microwave ovens, due to their large transformers (but this may be offset by the fact a microwave is a defacto faraday cage)
7. Any electrical device which, as part of it’s design has a very long wire (200 feet or more long) in it somewhere. This could be found in a high inductance coil, which most modern electronics will no longer have.

Ignition coils in cars are proven immune from past experience during testing, most likely because they are designed to produce a huge electrical pulse to fire the spark plugs and are robust enough to handle a nuclear EMP. The same is mostly true for any motor.

So if they use a nuclear EMP for their car shut down psy op, which will really be triggered by the cell phone network, do not be gullible and fall for it! (and ditto for your computer, cell phone, etc.)

I have been heavily ridiculed for saying nuclear EMP could never blow out a laptop, and that laptop computers are usually completely EMP shielded. Experts have told other experts who have told other experts that laptop computers have no shielding in them whatsoever and I have been forced to bow to idiots in the past. But laptops HAVE TO have TONS of shielding to meet FCC requirements, they are among the most heavily shielded devices out there, and definitely the champion of portable devices.

The following image shows some of the shielding a laptop has. Though this picture was not taken to show you the shielding, a lot of it is still visible.

1. The gold color on the bottom of the main case is conductive, and is the outer shield. All the backing for the outer case will have this color. 2. If you look at the screen components, the last one on the bottom of the stack is the shield for the back of the screen. Additionally, the plastic for the back of the screen (shown laying separately at the upper right, has another shield, so the screen in this particular laptop is double shielded. The grid for the front of the screen shields the front. 3. The keyboard back (which you cannot see in this photo) is made of aluminum and forms that part of the upper shield. 4. You can see the port shields in this photo, which shield the laptop from the sides. This is a pretty good photo considering it was not taken specifically to show all the shielding. I have taken photos to show all the shielding a laptop has clearly but cannot get to them because I am running without a hard drive right now.

The bottom line? If you don’t believe (nuclear) EMP can’t kill the circuits in a laptop, at least be aware that this shielding exists.

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  • theunhivedmind

    At one point a while back we were getting a lot of chatter that the establishment would most likely pull off an EMP type event as the economy collapses so all the aftermath pandemonium could be blamed on the EMP event whilst at the same time the group so-called responsible would become the number one enemy and target. I believe the article above may have a lot of merit to it from many angles so always bare it in mind. I’ve been saying for a while to always stick to mechanical bicycles and old electrical items to avoid the smart network and its future control over humanity in this Variable Terrain Refractivity Parabolic Equation control grid. Now can you see why the incandescent light-bulbs may have really been removed from the shelves? Now you only get bulbs with NSA/GCHQ spy-chips inside so even with a solar panel and battery will the new bulb even switch on? Make sure you’re aware of the Faraday cage and start installing them making sure they are grounded to earth. Lets not forget how the Governments removed lead from petrol and paint and how lead puts a stop to surveillance.

    Please recall that not so long back the people of the West were being programmed about power outages by the TV programmes (predictive programming) simply called ‘Blackout.’ In Britain during 2013 the Blackout programme was shown on Channel 4 whilst the version shown in the USA Financial Group Ltd was broadcast by National Geographic. In Britain the Venetian Arsenal mostly tests their initial social engineering projects via Channel 4. As usual the Arsenal has given you the signal and told you in certain ways what they have planned for you. The Arsenal never gives you the information right before the event unless a rare error occurs such as when the British Broadcasting Corporation (TheCityUK propaganda mouthpiece) slipped up with the scripting of the demolition of the World Trade Center 7 twenty minutes prior to the event. So the Arsenal gives you the information in 2013 on the blackout which may go live when the match strikes hot in 2015 or later.

    Do I believe ISIS will be used as the enemy? It is possible but in many ways you would have to think it would be put over more as Russia and China seeing as they are the real monetary competition etc. So I think if New Venice gets really desperate which is it right now then they will set off a false flag like this and blame Russia and China kick-starting World War III in the blink of an eye. Once the war starts there will be no turning back as New Venice is desperate to restructure its bankrupt economy through the guise of the war so they can continue to control. People must stick to classic cars but expect to have to make their own parts for the vehicles because if it becomes a trend then the Governments will just end up making sure spare parts cannot be bought just as they are starting to do with ammunition stocks in the U.S.

    The cell phone networks are all part of this grid and they have access to massive wattage rates when big events are called into play and these wattage rates go far in excess of what is needed to microwave mind control you, it is far more involved than just mind control at slightly higher rates. I have no proof that cell phone towers are hindered by orgonite like some claim but it may be worth gifting as many towers as possible and at the least you may be able to buffer against some of the ill-health aspects from the DOR output. I strongly believe that the cell tower network has a role in the transmitting of disease based on the old experiments of Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev.

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    `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

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