Was Putin’s car crash actually an ASSASSINATION attempt by foreign agents?

A CONSPIRACY website has suggested a car crash which killed Vladimir Putin’s “favourite chauffeur” was, in fact, an attempt to assassinate the Russian President.

PUBLISHED: 18:09, Wed, Sep 7, 2016 | UPDATED: 21:38, Wed, Sep 7, 2016

Footage released by Russian media shows Putin’s official black BMW speeding down a Moscow highway before smashing into another vehicle in a head-on collision.

The accident was reportedly caused when a Mercedes crossed over from the opposite side of the road without warning

Medics rushed to the scene of the fatal accident on Kutuzovsky Avenue but announced the BMW motorist had died on impact.

The Mercedes driver, who was travelling alone, was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

The car crash involving a Russian Government car has sparked conspiracy theories

It is reported the BMW driver, who has not yet been named, had more than 40 years of experience as an official driver.

The clean-up operation took several hours and caused huge traffic congestion after the road was closed because of the crash.

Police confirmed they have launched an investigation, without giving any further details – sparking speculation over the driver’s death.

Mr Putin was not in the car when his favourite presidential driver was killed, prompting conspiracies theories the head of state was being sent a “dramatic and violent” message.

A driver, reportedly Putin’s favourite presidential driver, was killed in the accident

Police are yet to announce details of their investigation

They are focused on bringing down the present government
Millennium Report

Pro-Putin conspiracy theory website, the Millennium Report suggested the “audacious threat” to the life of President Putin could only be the work of an inside group of “foreign secret service agents who have proxies operating within Moscow”.

In a report published on the website, titled “Did the neon criminal cabal just send a message to President Vladimir Putin?” they suggested that Anglo-American Axis (AAA) “will stop at nothing to control Russia”.

It said: “The AAA leadership has shown time and again that they are populated by a number of criminally insane psychopaths who will stop at nothing until they have taken back Russia (they owned it once under the rubric of Soviet communism as the USSR).

“Now the misguided cabal wants to take ownership again by way of the capitalistic political economy.

“Through a combination of predatory capitalism, economic sanctions, monetary sabotage, financial terrorism, weather warfare, as well as strategically located unprovoked wars of aggression and jihadi terrorism.

“They are focused on bringing down the present government.”

The claims made by the Millennium Report are unsubstantiated and appear to be politically motivated.

The condition of the other driver involved in the fatal crash is not yet known.

There is no suggestion they were involved in the alleged assassination plot referred to by the Millennium Report.


  • uhm

    Two words for you, BOSTON BRAKES a speciality of the British Secret Intelligence Services mastered by the Grandmaster of Freemasonry, the Duke of Kent. Now isn’t it interesting how the other car was a Mercedes the exact same brand used by the British Secret Air Service in the assassination of Princess Diana. Let me remind you that the British SAS is really a form of private army for Great Master Prince Charles (covert head of the British Security Services) and his father the Duke of Edinburgh. Notice how after this event it took seven hours of action at the scene of the crime and compare that with the outright cover-up of the Diana slaughter which was cleaned and sanitized within an hour.

    It’s now mandatory for all cars to have electronic management controls and interfaces for tracking devices. Cars today are relying less on mechanical controls and instead opting for wireless systems. If you’re an activist or dissident it’s highly advised that you don’t use modern cars and instead opt for public transport, bicycle or simply just walk. You’ll hear of far more car crashes involving activists, dissidents, terrorists and heads of state who don’t toe the line of the New Venice Empire. If you’re a big fish then don’t think public transport will save you. If you’re that big then the intelligence services will take out a whole host of people to make sure they get their target so therefore walk or bicycle.

    We’re all glad that Vladimir Putin wasn’t in the car and can continue his wonderful Promethean actions in order to bring peace and prosperity to mankind.

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    `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

  • uhm

    Putin car crash

    Jim Stone

    I have looked at the key video, and it was probably a hit on Putin

    Not a conspiracy “theory”, and there is a way to prove if it was a hit

    The car that hit Putin’s car was traveling much faster than normal traffic (at least 200 km/h) on a wide open road with many lanes available, yet it was, despite having many lanes available traveling on the median between opposing traffic. This would be done if it was known Putin’s car was oncoming in the nearest lane and they wanted to give the driver of Putin’s car the least possible time to react. The “attacking” car was going perfectly straight and under perfect control. As soon as it got to Putin’s car, it swerved hard enough to possibly flip (and possibly hard enough to smoke the tires), straight into it.
    They are saying there was a driver in the other car, but I would not be too sure of that because no name was given.

    There is a key video that shows how it evolved. To me, this is an obvious hit done with intent. It seems impossible any other way. This is a 1 in 100,000,000 chance (or even less) of being a genuine accident. That video is here

    In this video, you can see smoke coming off the rear passenger tire of the vehicle that hit Putin’s vehicle. This would happen if the car steered hard enough to start it in a spin. So the question is then, that will prove it all well enough to hang someone, is did the car that hit Putin’s car have a blow out, or was that smoke from screeching the tires on the pavement to swerve hard enough to get a perfect hit on Putin’s car? This can be answered easily –

    All we need is to see, AT THE ACCIDENT SCENE, a picture of the car that hit Putin’s car that is clear enough to show if the rear passenger tire is flat. If it is not flat, this was a guaranteed hit on Putin. I am looking for that picture.

    If that tire happens to be flat, this would be the freakest of the freak blow out accidents that ever happened. If it is not flat, this is a proven hit on Putin because no one just randomly swerves hard enough to smoke the tires straight into a President’s car. This would have required full communication with the attacker in contact with people who knew right where Putin’s car was.

    Remember: Princess Diana’s car was being driven by two Israeli Mossad agents in the front seats who were specially dressed and prepared for an accident, so they both lived. This type of car hit is standard for at least one intelligence agency, and that agency happens to be the one that would most likely want Putin gone.

    I am looking for a picture of that rear tire right now.

    UPDATE: My suspicion, from the clearest pictures I can find, is that the rear passenger tire is not flat. We need a super clear picture of the car that hit Putin’s car, clear enough to show the rear passenger tire without question and that picture has to be from the accident scene, not taken later. This is a near proven hit on Putin, it is just waiting for that one last piece of unquestionable info

    • uhm

      I’ve warned you for years now about the New Venice Empire and the differences between the Zeusian/Aristotelian New World Order (NVE) and the Promethean/Plato-ism New World Economic Order (BRICS). I’ve told you all numerous times that Vladimir Putin is a genuine Promethean and a serious threat to the current Zeusian den and their Dark Age. At this moment Vladimir Putin has checkmated the NVE and there’s no way out unless Putin and Xi are assassinated and replaced by fifth column powers under the NVE.

      I’ve told you all to ignore any so-called alternative media (mostly run by Division Five of the FBI based in Colorado) that try to psy-op confuse you with claims that Putin is part of the New World Order (as they show clippings of Putin with Kissinger and others such as the Pope). The same intelligence disinformation sources have purposed riddled with web with part information about the ‘New World Order’ and it was designed to confuse the fact that when Promethean powers called for a New World Order then all the awakening sheep would naturally assume this NWO was the same as it’s real competition. When Putin has called for a New World Order he’s referring to the New World Economic Order (NWEO) which is very different from the New World Order mentioned by George H.W Scherff (Bushfraud). Yes the NWEO will utilize some of the social engineering technique that are being implemented by the NWO (some climate change lies etc) but the NWEO is about a truly win-win development and co-operation model to usher in a new Golden Age for mankind. The NWEO believes in the Nation State unlike the Venetian Zionist NWO. Mankind will excel under the Golden Age of the NWEO but under the NWO man will become downtrodden just like the Palestinians under current Zionist occupation.

      This event in Russia was most definitely a New Venice (Britain) assassination attempt on the life of Vladimir Putin or a bloody good final warning. This should show you all just how desperate and dangerous the Zeusian Empire has become. Do I think the taking out of President Putin stop the NWEO? No! The NWEO is now far too strong but a hit on Putin would certainly break moral within the NWEO as other leaders would be in complete fear for their lives and reminded of the past slaughter or Promethean John F. Kennedy. Lets face it, if Putin could be taken out then anyone in the world is easy game. British Intelligence is far from invincible as was proven by Charles de Gaulle of France. Events like these can trigger global conflict and I don’t doubt for one minute that Russia would take it lightly if the greatest leader of all time ended up assassinated. It looks like the Neanderthal Zionists are itching for a full-scale war with Russia but rest assured they’ll quickly lose. Lets continue to support and pray for President Putin and also Xi as both of these great men continue to put their lives on the line (again something I’ve highlighted).

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