May I remind you that Simon Cowell is a Freemason and will be part of this Witchcraft system otherwise he would not be in the position he is within in the entertainment (Tavistock indoctrination) industry. I was the first to point out Simon Cowell’s Freemasonic Ski a few years back, it is nice that it caught on due to my placing of the information in strategic conspiracy sites of high usage back then. Simon Cowell must be stopped.

-= The Unhived Mind


  • John Todd a former Illuminati: (The Witchcraft of Rock & Roll)

  • Beware this is witchcraft spelling below so view only if you understand what you are doing. May I remind you of ‘the force’ in the film Star Wars made in Knights Templar controlled Herefordshire. Understand witchcraft before it is allowed to destroy you. Luke Skywalker is the God Osiris against the God Set. He is the Solar God walking across the Sky (controlled by Lucifer the prince and the power of the air and the God of the Rainbow) in his twelve steps or twelve Horus’s of light aka hours.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    Tom T. Hall – May The Force Be With You Always

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