Barack Obama should be impeached for his crimes

Obama should be impeached over crimes: Journalist

Mon Mar 17, 2014 9:57PM GMT

US President Barack Obama should be “impeached” for violating the Constitution and “eroding” the power of Congress to form a “dictatorship,” the senior editor at the weekly news magazine Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) says.

“The crimes that have been already committed in violation of the Constitution by President Obama, including the illegal Libya war, the spying on Americans and now the support for spying on members of Congress has reached a point where he should be impeached,” Jeffrey Steinberg said.

“[Lyndon] LaRouche, the founder of my publication (EIR), has been calling for a very long time for Congress to step up to the plate, do their job and bring impeachment proceedings against Obama,” Steinberg told Press TV on Monday.

“What you have is a sort of a collusion between the White House and elements within the intelligence community that create what’s increasing looking like an executive branch dictatorship in which Congress is denied some of its most essential functions,” he added.

Steinberg condemned the Bush and Obama administrations for their “concerted executive branch attack on the powers of Congress and on the separation of powers that’s at the very, very heart of the whole US Constitutional system.”

He also blasted the White House for withholding thousands of CIA documents that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has sought to examine as part its investigation into the CIA’s torture of terrorism suspects during the George W. Bush administration.

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