Bat Man vs Super Man Review – 7 out of 5 stars exposing the New World Order

Bat Man vs Super Man Review – 7 out of 5 stars

Possibly the greatest movie ever made.

If you see people ripping this movie, it is NWO trolls that do not want you to watch it, because it:

1. clearly showed the use of the term “conspiracy theory” as a mind control effort to get people to shut up even when they had evidence and proof of conspiracy reality in their own hands. This may destroy that term entirely if this movie gets enough views.

2. Clearly showed that the government will destroy those who are doing good, even while they are doing good in an effort to save the planet. The government looks horrific in this movie, like a bunch of monsters who cannot accept power in the hands of anyone but themselves, and will destroy anyone who has it.

3. Clearly showed the true political atmosphere, where anyone, if they are not the police, will be labeled a criminal for stopping criminals because the government wants all the power, and will not accept the exercise of power outside of its own realm.

4. Clearly showed the corporatocracy that is gaining as much power as governments, and then uses that power to do the worst evil.

5. Clearly showed how victim status (in this case a “handicapped” villain who really was not handicapped) can be abused, who like the Jew with the Holocaust only turned around and used that perceptive advantage to destroy others.

6. Clearly shows the concept of false flags, and the framing up of innocents, and subsequent pursuit of those innocents.

7. Clearly shows divide and conquer tactics, where Batman was only against Superman because of bogus crap being fed to him by evil people at the top of the power structure.

This movie is getting bashed because it makes all the horrendous corruption in the government obvious, the movie had an opening statement that amounted to a declaration that all purity is lost, because the current power structure will not allow anyone to seek the absolute good.

Add to this the less important stuff – like an awesome story line, great special effects and top notch acting and this movie is definitely the best one ever produced, no wonder it cost 800 million to make, that money did not go down a rat hole.


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