Battle for the Future of Humanity Intensifies as BRICS Takes the Lead at UN General Assembly

Battle for the Future of Humanity Intensifies as BRICS Takes the Lead at UN General Assembly

September 27, 2014 • 9:50AM

On the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly this week, the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), continued to assert a new confidence in their collective role in shaping a better future for mankind.

Following a Sept. 25 meeting of the BRICS foreign ministers in New York, China’s Wang Yi spoke for the group in announcing that the five nations will be developing common strategies and solutions for dealing with the world’s most dangerous conflicts, while broadening the economic, cultural, and scientific collaboration as was set forth at the Fortaleza, Brazil summit, in particular with the launching of the New Development Bank.

The group singled out Egypt for its pivotal role in moving the Middle East peace process forward, by brokering a revived unity agreement among Palestinian factions, and by planning to co-host with Norway a donors conference to rebuild Gaza following the Summer Israeli “shock and awe” carpet bombing and invasion.

From the opening session of the General Assembly through the special session of the UN Security Council on the threat coming from the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and the Al Nusra Front, BRICS heads of state played a leading role in pressing for the new paradigm in international relations,

Prime Minister Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the General Assembly Saturday morning, after which he will be meeting over the weekend with Bill and Hillary Clinton, and will then speak at Madison Square Garden, which is already sold out for his anxiously awaited speech before the Indian-American community. On Tuesday, Modi will be at the White House for a State Dinner and summit with President Obama.

With the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama is becoming more and more isolated and more and more desperate. Lyndon LaRouche’s clarion call warning about the dangers of Obama going for a full-blown police-state dictatorship cannot be ignored or underestimated.

In a lead editorial Friday, the Editorial Board of the New York Times assailed Holder and the Obama Administration for failing to prosecute a single individual guilty of conducting torture, or to jail a single banker in the subprime mortgage scandal that nearly wiped out what remained of the U.S. economy. Holder, on behalf of Obama, prosecuted more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all of his predecessors combined.

Obama continues to ignore the unanimous demands of his entire Cabinet and the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff that he go to Congress for authorization for the war he is waging in Iraq and Syria. The only explanation for Obama’s refusal to go to Congress under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution, is that he is intent on wiping out all Congressional authority and going for dictatorship. The war plan that Obama is pursuing, in stark contrast to the recommendations from the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, is costing American taxpayers at least $10 million a day, according to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and General Dempsey, who gave a Pentagon press conference on Friday afternoon. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria joined the growing chorus of critics of Obama’s latest war, writing in the Sept. 25 Washington Post that no victory against the Islamic State is possible without openly collaborating with Iran and Syria. That was at the heart of the original Dempsey plan for defeating IS. Instead, Obama is allying with the very Anglo-Saudi forces that created IS and al-Qaeda in the first place. There is no intent on Obama’s part to genuinely defeat the Islamic State and restore stability to the region. He is a tool in the British plan for a permanent conflict within the Islamic world.

In stark contrast to Obama’s treachery, a group of 126 leading Sunni clerics has issued an open letter to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the nominal head of the Islamic State, tearing apart his abuse of the tenets of Islam. The lengthy theological treatise was composed by leading Islamic scholars, including from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the oldest school of Islamic thought in the world. It was noteworthy that not one cleric from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or Kuwait was a signator on the open letter, which was a profound theological attack on Wahhabism, and on the Islamic State’s thorough distortion of the principles of the Koran and the Haditha.

It is imperative that the United States returns to its historic roots and joins with the BRICS nations in forging a whole new framework of collaboration among the sovereign nations of the planet. This starts with Obama’s immediate removal from office–before he makes one final effort at pure evil dictatorship. The American people despise this President, and want to see the nation restored to its once proud heritage. The question is whether the American people will respond in time to the demands and great opportunities of the moment. Those opportunities are most clearly on display in the efforts by the BRICS nations and those other nations like Egypt and Argentina, who are aligned and fighting for what the late Dr. Edward Teller called “the common aims of mankind.”

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