Bavaria left leaderless as Seehofer imitates Alexis Tsipras

Bavaria left leaderless as Seehofer imitates Alexis Tsipras

Bavarian State Premier Horst Seehofer has delivered a wonderful theatrical performance in the last couple of weeks worthy of Alexis Tsipras. But like Tsipras, he has delievered no results when the rhetoric is stripped away.

Seehofer demanded the German frontiers be closed, set ultimatums to end the unabated stream of migrants to the applause of the electorate. But when he went to Berlin to attend what he billed as a decisive summit, he walked away with nothing. The stream of illegal migrants entering Germany continues unabated with almost no controls.

Seehofer had the power to send a signal that he will no longer accept Merkel’s unilateral open doors policy by withdrawing the CSU from the grand coalition. He did not.

Of course, the Alexis Tsipras of Bavaria will continue to huff and puff and feign to fight for a limit to the influx of migrants to impress his voters.

He is up for re election soon. He should be forced out.

In retrospect it is clear why Merkel has reacted so coolly to Seehofer’s threats. She knew she was under no pressure from her friend in Bavaria. The game has been fixed. The game is also fixed in the Greek bailout drama. Tsipras is in the middle of flaunting the bailout deal on an independent administration, certain he will get the money anyway from Bilderberger Angela Merkel.

Seehofer is up for re election in November. Seehofer should be forced out. The era when voters content themselves with rhetoric rather than substance must end.

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