Bay Area LaRouche PAC Event a Tour d’Horizon of World and Beyond

Bay Area LaRouche PAC Event a Tour d’Horizon of World and Beyond


On Saturday, December 12, the Bay Area LaRouche PAC conference, “End Obama’s Threat of Nuclear War — Establish the New Paradigm,” proved a riveting four-hour session of deliberative discussion of mankind’s common aims and urgent tasks. Presentations by Lyndon LaRouche, former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel, Erik Wilson of My Job Depends On Ag, and Ben Deniston provoked an activating discussion of what the U.S. must do.

American statesman Lyndon LaRouche opened the meeting with a Q & A Dialogue with the audience, which included 40 people in Alameda, California, another 25-30 attending satellite meetings in Los Angeles and Seattle, and a live audience on YouTube.

The Bay area audience was delighted at the opportunity to speak directly with LaRouche. LaRouche focused the Q & A on the urgent necessity of uniting sane Democrats and Republicans right now to immediately remove Obama, in their respective activities to grow the two major political parties, by bringing the Obama administration to an immediate end.

U.S. Senator Mike Gravel (1969-1981) presented his current mission of breaking Obama’s foreign policy, such as Obama’s attempt to militarily re-occupy the Philippines in order to prepare for war with China, in a repeat of the Thucydides trap.

Senator Gravel also inspired the audience by insisting to a somewhat demoralized member of the audience that all citizens have power, which led to another audience member pointing out that one of the sponsors of House Res. 198 to impeach Obama, was Congressman Tom McClintock of California, whom the questioner had been working over for years, prompting the whole audience to understand Senator Gravel’s point.

Erik Wilson, one of the co-founders of the Face Book group, My Job Depends On Ag, gave a beautiful explanation of “Why farm a Desert?”, which is the title of a two-part article he wrote for the group. Going after those who claim that the Central Valley is a desert, Wilson made the point that the Valley, 300 miles long and 60 miles wide, not only has the best growing soil in the world, but the dry, low humidity climate there is the perfect growing condition for the 400 different crops produced. A paradigm for problem-solving, if, as Wilson said, Americans again think like President John Kennedy about how to build the future.

Ben Deniston concluded the meeting with LaRouche’s challenge to citizens today: Defining what it means to be human and enhancing that quality by driving scientific discovery as a galactic species, on the water problem today.

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