BBC Elitist Jeremy Clarkson says U.K. strikers should be shot in front of their families

Strikers should be shot – Clarkson

30 Nov 2011—

The BBC has apologised after Jeremy Clarkson declared that he would like to see striking public sector workers “shot” in front of their families.

The Top Gear presenter made his comments on BBC’s The One Show on the evening of Britain’s biggest public sector strikes in 30 years.

He said of the strikers: “I’d have them all shot. I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families.

“I mean, how dare they go on strike when they’ve got these gilt-edged pensions that are going to be guaranteed while the rest of us have to work for a living.”

The broadcaster’s comments sparked hundreds of angry comments on Twitter.

Piers Morgan tweeted: “Clarkson can abuse – and hit (weakly..) – me all he likes. But what he said about the strikers just proves he’s a nasty little twerp.”

Author Tony Parsons tweeted: “Jeremy Clarkson has misjudged the moment. Criticising striking public sector workers today is like sieg-heiling at Last Night of the Proms.”

KateakaMrsO tweeted: “First time I have ever complained about a programme, as I usually think people can use off button but Jeremy Clarkson a disgrace.”

A BBC spokesman said: “The One Show apologised at the end of the show to viewers who may have been offended by Jeremy Clarkson’s comments.”


  • Yet again we see the British Broadcasting Corporation and its minions attacking the people for wanting freedom which the BBC aid The Worshipful Company of Fuellers and The Worshipful Company of Mercers to destroy by the day. The BBC is riddled with Common Purpose social engineering for the Tavistock Institute. Jeremey Clarkson should be fired immediately, he continually says things that are unappropriate and we’ve had enough of him. He’s the one that should be shot and put out of his misery. Its time the BBC fired him and for no one else to employee this hateful dupe. Tweet the cretin and give him a lecture on manners.

    -=The Unhived Mind

  • FreemanInChrist

    I thought BBC was the public sector too.

    Why doesn’t this Clarkson get a real job instead of mind-conditioning the public with his hateful bile.

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