BBC ‘Surprised’ Parents Upset by ISIS-style Beheading in Children’s Cartoon (Video)

BBC ‘Surprised’ Parents Upset by ISIS-style Beheading in Children’s Cartoon (Video)

Melissa Dykes — The Daily Sheeple Dec 10, 2015

They don’t call it “TV programming” for nothing.

A BBC children’s program featuring a piece of ‘evil jihadist’ toast bombing and beheading an innocent boiled egg is upsetting a lot of parents, RT reported.

Although BBC has claimed “surprise” (what, us?) that the cartoon is drawing parents’ ire, this clip from “The Ooglies” episode called “Toast Soldiers 1” not only shows a terrorist toast beheading a cute little egg, but the “terrorist” throws olive bombs from what would otherwise be a gratuitous pile of strawberry jelly blood… if it wasn’t strawberry jelly.

Upset mother, Angela Halliwell from South London, said she has complained to Ofcom (the UK’s TV and radio regulator) because she feels it will lead kids to “think extreme violence like beheading is normal”, she told The Sun.

The Ooglies is a stop-motion animation series for kids that is fully comprised of short sketches of food and other household items featuring googly eyes. Sounds innocent and harmless enough.

Still… introducing the war on terror fear narrative a little young, aren’t we?

Take a look for yourself and remember, this is a show for little kids.

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