BBC to Cut Over 1,000 Jobs Because You Won’t Pay the Licence Fee

BBC to Cut Over 1,000 Jobs Because You Won’t Pay the Licence Fee

By James O Malley on 02 Jul 2015 at 3:15PM

BBC Director General Tony Hall has announced that the corporation is to slash over 1,000 jobs to make-up for a budget shortfall, following an unexpected increase in the number of people not paying the licence fee.

According to the BBC (of course), the cuts will save £1.5bn by 2017 and will be achieved by cutting administration and property costs, on top of cuts to pay-packets and jobs.

The apparent reason behind the cuts is that there are more people than expected not paying the licence fee, because they are watching on iPlayer and not ‘live’. This has apparently compounded the challenges wrought by the fee itself having been frozen for the past seven years.

What this will mean on screen will be more repeats and more shared sports rights, which might explain why the BBC lost out on the Olympics. As we reported the other day, BBC Three will also be going online-only.

Behind the scenes, BBC departments will once again be re-configured, this time bringing together the core BBC with the commercial arm, BBC Worldwide. The number of layers of management will apparently fall from 10 to 7.

Ultimately, it looks as though this could be another cut in the BBC’s death by 1,000 cuts. Here’s hoping it won’t be too painful.

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