Beatboxer harrassed by corporate coppers [Video]

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First part: Beatfox laying down some crazy beats.

At 4:30 the police try to mug the artist’s earned money.

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My reaction to this going viral:

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  • First of all this guy is not asking for money and has not received money. Money and debt-instruments are two different things. Money does not exist in this region since 1933 and the veiled bankruptcy of the nation. Instead you are issued promissory notes promising to pay the bearer the sum on demand. Ask the Treasury and they will have to admit that the currency is not money but can be called money, this does not mean it is money. Copying a bank note today is not counterfeiting because it is not money, only the serial number is a case against trademark. Currency is owned legally by the Bank of England, all you have is equitable title meaning a right-to-use and nothing more.

    You own nothing in this Marxist World except you do not see this because of the wool pulled over your eyes. Go listen closely to ‘Imagine‘ by John Lennon and it is already here but you will see it soon enough especially with the start of cloud computing now and the entering of the New World Order. If you want ownership you have to be external from debt and into money which is physical gold and silver now you have legal ownership if you want to follow color of law fictions. This is why you are not allowed to buy products with silver and gold because it is money and in a state of constant bankruptcy it is not allowed. You can buy Silver and exit the debt system but if you want to buy anything you have to enter the debt system again and purchase with debt-instruments in monopoly land.

    Secondly why does anyone even care about legalese for? Did this guy cause harm, loss or injury? No, so therefore he has not committed any crime under English Common Law, the highest and true law of the land and nation trumping all color of law fiction aka legalese. These Police Officers should be more interested in being true Police Constables working to Oath whilst working for the people and land not the corporate business World mastered by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Remember these Police divisions are all corporations listed at Companies House working for profit. Some cops will say we do not work for profit, all businesses and corporations work for profit but this does not mean they are always in profit if at all before bankruptcy.

    Under English Common Law you do not have to speak to the Police especially if you are not under arrest. Even then you do not have to speak and certainly do not give any title and jurisdiction to these people. Unless they can prove you have done something wrong under Common Law they are stumped if you do not surrender to UCC/Admiralty legalese bullshit. You are Divine Beings of God not dead legal fiction corporations under the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 mastered by the House of Bourbon through the Temple Bar at New Jerusalem/City of London using deceit, duress and hoodwink on new parents under threat of fine in order to create the UCC connected Birth Certificate.

    May I also remind this corporate officer that he and his henchmen are continually filming all the innocent people with their CCTV under the guise of security. Instead of harassing people they should be out there after real criminals and doing real policing with the aid of the British Government bringing crime right down. This is very easy to do and Rudy proved this with a tough nut called New York City. The Government does not want peaceful order they want chaos so they can cause issues daily and bring in their corporate fascist/Marxist order. If they did their jobs then we would not have coppers bragging cameras are for our security, they would not be needed.

    If I came into your street and said I want to monitor you 24/7 you would say up yours. If I let crime cause your house to be burgled three times in a year with your insurance premium going through the roof then what? I come to you door and you beg me for cameras to bring your insurance policy down and peace of mind. Remind you of the telematic black box issues with car insurance all of a sudden and over inflated premiums mastered by The Worshipful Company of Insurers? Its called Ordo-Ab-Chao look it up, old technique which is always used and forever will be whilst the people are gullible enought to keep falling for it.

    If the Police would become true constables and do their jobs there would be no need to film them. They have proven time after time to be fully corrupt and law twisters often making up their legalese as they go along. Always film and record officers for evidence and try to get the recording to stream to the web for backup purposes in case the vermin unlawfully delete your gathered evidence off the device that is recording..

    -= The Unhived Mind

    “Imagine no Possessions -2:16”

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