Benjamin Fulford interviews Karen Hudes of the World Bank 13th Nov 2013

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“There is so much gold you cannot imagine, most of it is with the Vatican.” – Karen Hudes


“China is now paired up with the Jesuits of the Vatican, the Jesuits were actually the driving force behind the cabal.  You remember when Kissinger [Knight of Malta] went off to China, he was trying to sell the cabal.  The Chinese said no and then they cut a deal with the Vatican, the group behind the Federal Reserve.  The group which is trying to take over the United States by Martial Law.” – Karen Hudes

“The Jesuits are very very clever, extremely clever, they got Kevin Annett to aid the removal of Pope Benedict XVI and that was all orchestrated by the Jesuits” – Karen Hudes

“The Vatican has all of the money, they just do not own it” – Karen Hudes

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  • theunhivedmind

    Karen Hudes does not understand that only the Vatican has a claim to a form of ownership but even these realize you cannot own a bunch of empty atoms from God, only God has true ownership. The system behind the world economy is mastered by the Jesuits and their Order of Malta. To understand all this you have to understand Uniform Commercial Code, Admiralty Law and its underpinnings based on Vatican Canon Law along with the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 along with various Papal Bulls going back to 1302. May I remind people to look at the work of Avro Manhattan and his book, ‘The Vatican Billions.’

    What did I always tell you guys about the minds of the Jesuits? I also said many years ago that I believed the Jesuits were utilising the alternative media in order to expose the Vatican to a degree which suited them and their take down of the Roman cult part as revenge for 1773 and also to usher in their Luciferian Doctrine world religion to come.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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