Big Pharma brainwashed UK Ministers want police inquiries against natural medicine healers

MPs call for police inquiry into bogus ‘cancer cures’ offer by alternative medicine practitioners

One alternative ”cure’’ involves the use of industrial strength bleach to treat autism and HIV

Laura Donnelly By Laura Donnelly, and Justin Stoneman11:00PM BST 24 May 2015

Cancer patients are being offered “fake cures’” by unscrupulous alternative medicine practitioners, the Telegraph has discovered amid calls for a criminal inquiry.

Experts say claims being made by a number of practitioners appear in breach of laws designed to protect the vulnerable from false claims about cancer.

Undercover footage obtained by this newspaper shows a series of practitioners telling cancer sufferers that their condition could be cured using treatments which experts say do not work and are “extremely dangerous”.

They include black salve, a highly caustic solution, as a cure for throat and skin cancers, a salt treatment for lung cancer, and the use of industrial-strength bleach to treat autism, Ebola and HIV.

The Telegraph obtained footage of an event in Sussex earlier this month on May 4, at which alternative medicine practitioners repeatedly told elderly and vulnerable cancer patients that the products could cure their diseases.
They were told that the treatments offered “a 100 per cent cure for any sort of skin cancer” and could work to treat throat cancer.

The event was shielded from public scrutiny, after concerns about the nature of claims being made by some of the speakers meant that two venues cancelled the booking, most recently after the Telegraph exposed the claims of the healer offering a bleach cure to treat autism.

The 1939 Cancer Act bars all practitioners from advertising any treatment as a cure for cancer.

But action is enforced by local Trading Standards offices, run by councils, and experts are concerned that the system is inadequate to protect the vulnerable.

In two decades, there have been just 21 convictions.

Last night MPs called on the police to investigate, saying the current arrangements were putting lives at risk.

Tim Loughton, MP for Worthing East and Shoreham, where the event took place, called for immediate action to protect the public.

“It is deeply worrying that this group are able to take advantage of vulnerable people,” he said. “I will be making urgent contact with the health authorities and the police to make sure that any breach of the Cancer Act is investigated.

“It is clearly important that action is quickly taken.”

Sarah Wollaston, Tory MP and recent chairman of the Commons Health Select Committee, said: “The Cancer Act was designed to protect people when they are at their most vulnerable from the snake-oil salesmen peddling false hope and fake cures.”

Dr Wollaston, a former GP, said successful prosecutions were too rare, while fines were insufficient.

She said: “The police and Trading Standards should examine the video footage.”

When contacted by the Telegraph, West Sussex Trading Standards refused to say whether they would investigate the matter.

Video footage of the Spirit of Health Congress was obtained by the Good Thinking Society, a group of science experts which pledges to promote rational debate.

Michael Marshall, project director, said the claims being made by practitioners at the event appeared to be illegal, involving highly dangerous substances which could cause serious harm.

He called on Trading Standards or the police to step in urgently.

“We believe it is vital that the authorities clamp down on misleading claims like these before vulnerable members of the public get seriously harmed,” he said. Prof David Colquhoun, a pharmacology expert at University College London, said: “It’s clear that many of the speakers at the Spirit of Health Congress made blatant claims to cure cancer. That is illegal.

“They are selling fake cures that will not only fail to cure cancer, but that will endanger the health of anyone who uses them,” he warned.

“I would like to see the police investigate these apparent breaches of the law, with prosecutions to send a clear deterrent to those peddling false hopes,” he said.

“People who sell fake cures deserve time in jail, not just fines,” he added.

Sussex Police did not respond to the calls for an investigation when approached by the Telegraph. Several speakers at the conference did not respond to requests for comment. Others denied claiming success rates for the products.
1939 Cancer Act: In need of treatment?

The 1939 Cancer Act is supposed to defend the vulnerable by prohibiting public advertisements offering to treat or cure cancer.

The law is little used — just 21 convictions from 1984 to 2013.

Last year a Harley Street practitioner was prosecuted and fined £19,000 for claiming he could cure cancer and HIV with “lifestyle changes and herbs”.

The act is enforced by Trading Standards offices, each run by a different council.

Most healers operate via the internet and events move locations, so the law is hard to enforce.

Prof David Colquhoun, a pharmacology expert at University College, London, said treating products as food rather than medicines did not properly protect the public.

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  • theunhivedmind

    First of all why does this propaganda hate-rag love to use the word bleach? The establishment know that most people know what bleach is and that virtually everyone who knows the word also knows you shouldn’t consume bleach. They will not give you the two chemical names (sodium chlorite, citric acid) and the final chemical (chlorine dioxide) they produce because then both you and others would be able to spot the media’s lies and tactics. If you want to understand the truth about combining these two chemicals and the final result then look to Jim Humble as linked and streamed below. The media will not give you the name of the product but what they’re referring to is the Master Mineral Solution commonly just called MMS for short. The medical mafia (the Worshipful Company of Barbers and the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London) detest all forms of oxidization therapies because they’re so effective against disease where by they can render military biological agents of warfare worthless and this along with hindering population culling and profits doesn’t go down well with the psychopathic Aristotelians of the current dark age. I’ve seen the same smear campaigns against ozone therapy and the same ‘its toxic’ propaganda. I’ve used ozone for over a decade and I’m still alive and well but if I’d listened to the medical mafia I’d have never tried it. It’s far easier to attack MMS because of the chemical that is being used and you’ve seen how they use their deceptions. I should also point out that it’s a well know fact that real bleach has been used to sterilize water for people to then drink. It seems many still are shocked by this fact when it is bought up by people who are survivalists.

    Now notice how these big pharma aids all talk about natural healing as snake oil but do they even know where the term originates? I would suggest you go back to the Rockefeller family when they first tried to step into the health arena but instead of using medicine they used an oil which ended up stripping out vital nutrients from the body and killing people. The family even came back with another version of their oil they claimed was fortified with some of what it was stripping out but the deaths continued. Today the same Rockfeller family control much of the medical establishment and twist the terms once said about their poisons now onto the real medicines everyone trusted and loved.

    Now talking about black salve it is a proven remedy for the removal of cancer cells. If you have a centimetre of cancer cells on your arm then if enough salve is used it will eat through that centimetre and yes you will have a hole in the area. Please remember the area was once dead from cancer and all you’ve done is have a chemical eat out just that dead cancerous tissue. So tell me what is so different to having the barbers butcher your arm on a surgical table? The difference is the profits for both the medical establishment and the GDP of the nation especially as nations have been forced into the zero-growth economic hell as they have today. This is why real healers are classed as a threat to National Security. Don’t forget that crack addicted advisor Douglas McWilliams and George Osborne are so desperate for a GDP that Osborne now includes street drugs and prostitution towards the nation’s economic figures.

    Now tell me please how caustic and dangerous chemotherapy is and yet they’ll happily throw this into your veins whilst wearing protective wear and being on edge in case of any spills which would result in serious counter-measure protocols but again it’s okay for your bloodstream. It’s okay to make out that quackery snake-oil chemotherapy is a cure and aid against cancer (complete lie as it kills you quicker and also causes stronger cancers). Hows about the other nonsense called radiotherapy the act of bombarding the body with cancer-causing radiation. Does any of this barber insanity sound wise to you? The only people praying on the vulnerable are the ones who’re also the cause of the illnesses as their Zeusian system continues to poison people from a baby upwards via the air, water, food, so-called medicines and pollutions. Why doesn’t someone mention in this article how mercury is highly toxic but yet its acceptable to shoot up a human and inject it directly into their bloodstream via dangerous unsafe vaccinations. Why have the people been subjected to carcinogenic Roundup Ready peddled by Monsanto?

    What we have here is a war between the light of truth and the evils of darkness which for now the light is finally winning over. Now the dark side is trying all ways to keep a hold of its backward Zeusian system which is crumbling and that’s what lies do. The internet has aided the knowledge and people are willing to no longer be Bertrand Russell slave drones. So now the idea will be to use Cameron’s firewall censorship to bring about attacks on truth telling websites exposing the lies of the medical mafia as well as the New World Order. Too many people have noticed that the death treatments from the pharmaceutical vermins haven’t worked and cause more complications so now they’re moving over to natural methods that do work and these same people never look back as they take control of their own health and destiny. No one trusts the doctors today because if the truth is known they know very little about anything, they do not give a damn, they take drug rep bribes and they harm more than they do good.

    The media always uses deceptions to keep its victims trapped in the illusions provided under the system of Bertrand Russell (Impact of Science on Society) and the Aristotelian control mindset of the Zeusian slave masters. It’s about time these ministers called for police inquiries into their own networks of paedophiles and criminals within their ranks not to mention many other things they should be doing. Allopathic quackery kills 300,000 people and upwards in the United States per year and it’s rising. Don’t let yourself be a victim and do your own research and hopefully you’ll find the truth.

    As for the Cancer Act well an act needs the consent of the governed and as an individual you do not have to accept an Act (after all it’s just an act in an illusionary play) even if society has and especially if you do not vote and participate in the control illusion game. Expect more attacks on true healing as the Codex Alimentarius mob and friends continue their antics so only pharmaceuticals and death continue on this planet. I strongly suggest if you do not change the minds of the people and remove these treasonous filth Zeusians then you should move to another land with less restrictions because the West is far from free, it never was free but they made you think it was by keep claiming it was free. If you have cancer study Max Gerson, William Donald Kelley, John Ray Christopher, Harry Hoxsey, Rene Caisse, Jimmy Keller, Bob C. Beck, Tullio Simoncini, John Beard, Royal Ramond Rife, Otto Warburg and many others.

    .·´ ¸.·★¨) ¸.·☆¨)
    ★(¸.·´ (¸.*´ ¸.·´
    `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

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