Big Pharma shill FDA approve dangerous quack weight loss in obesity U.S

Weight loss drug Qsymia approved for use in US

More than one-third of adults in the US are now obese, according to official figures

18 July 2012 Last updated at 03:02

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new weight-loss drug from the pharmaceutical company Vivus.

The FDA approved Qsymia for patients who are overweight or obese and have at least one other weight-related condition.

The approval comes after the FDA gave another anti-obesity drug, Belviq, the green light last month.

The approvals are the first in the US for 13 years.

The FDA said that two studies conducted on patients who took Qsymia, along with changing their diet and increasing exercise, showed an average weight loss of 6.7% and 8.9%.

However, the drug can increase heart rate and will therefore not be recommended for patients with heart disease or who have recently suffered a stroke.

Vivus will also have to carry our further trials to assess the impact of the drug on cardiac health.

Pregnant women are another group who must not use the drug, as it can cause harm to foetuses, the FDA said.

Qsymia is a combination of two drugs already approved by the FDA, phentermine and topiramate. Those drugs are marketed for aiding weight loss and preventing seizures respectively.

Doctors in the US have urged health regulators to give the green light to new weight-loss treatments as obesity rates among American adults approach 35%.

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  • This drug is affecting Splenic performance which controls your weight and is closely connected to the balancing of your Kidneys. If your Spleen becomes demanding especially artificially then it will pull on the Heart function and affect the Kidney function which balances your Heart. These synthetic drugs all kill Liver and Kidney function, look in any Physicians Desk Reference to confirm this. When an organ is out of balance it will always affect another in the chain of command. When you artificially do this the problems get even worse than just with an illness creating the same.

    You will live longer and healthy being obese than you will using these dangerous poisons. Same as how these obese have died very quickly after total outrageous gastric band operations. They would have lived longer with their weight gain for God sake. Wake up! Stop the GMO food intake, stop eating shit and start eating traditional foods not the latest brainwashing which has been designed to create a sick populace to prop up the GDP with Big Pharma replacing manufacturing. Big pharma being controlled by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers. The medical mafia is used to control the populace and for population reduction measures by the Club of Rome fronted by the Peccei family Malthusians.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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