Billboards That Know What You’re Thinking: Coming Soon to 2016?

Billboards That Know What You’re Thinking: Coming Soon to 2016? © Sputnik/ Ekaterina Chesnokova

18:19 12.11.2015(updated 18:23 12.11.2015) Get short URL

Presidential hopefuls have a new tool that may help them manipulate voters by analyzing how they react to political billboards.

A new term “Neuropolitics” has emerged soon after politicians around the globe started to use achievements made in the field of neuroscience to boost their careers.

According to The New York Times, the technology has already been tested in several countries including Poland, Mexico, Turkey and Colombia. And it is quite possible that 2016 presidential elections candidates will use it, too.

How does this work? For instance, by request of a Congressional candidate some digital billboards in Mexico City were equipped with hidden cameras. By scanning people’s faces captured on camera, the campaign basically read their minds. Eye movements, facial expressions and other sort of biofeedback were analyzed to figure what people were thinking so that this information could be used for political purposes.

According to Barack Obama’s ex campaign manager David Plouffe, the tools would be new ground for political campaigns.

“The richness of this data compared to what is gathered today in testing ads or evaluating speeches and debates, which is the trusty old dial test and primitive qualitative methods, is hard to comprehend.” He explained “It gets more to emotion, intensity and a more complex understanding of how people are reacting.”

More and more politicians bluntly admit they use “Neuropolitics” to evaluate the efficacy of their governmental programs.

“Neuroscience research [is] especially valuable because it has allowed us to discover with more precision and objectivity what people think, perceive and feel.” Said Francisco Olvera Ruiz, the governor of the Mexican state of Hidalgo.

Next time you watch a digital billboard – beware! The Big Brother may be watching you, too.

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