‘Black & weak’?! Israeli minister’s wife all apologies for bad Obama joke

‘Black & weak’?! Israeli minister’s wife all apologies for bad Obama joke

Published time: June 22, 2015 02:54

The spouse of the Israeli Interior Minister has apologized for an “inappropriate joke” about US President Barack Obama. “Do u know what Obama Coffee is? Black and weak,” Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes posted on Twitter, addressing her 74,400 followers.

The tweet caused outrage online, with hundreds accusing the wife of minister Silvan Shalom of being “arrogant,” a “disgrace,” and “explicitly racist,” the Times of Israel reported.

Several hours later, she deleted the tweet, and stated on her Twitter account, “I apologize, that was a stupid joke somebody told me.”

Nir-Mozes made an apology following the stunt, and sent a tweet, directly addressing the US president.

“President Obama I shouldn’t have written the inappropriate joke I heard. I like people no matter about their race and religion,” she said.

Nir-Mozes concluded by expressing hopes her husband would not divorce her when “he lands” and hears the news.

“Sorry if I caused any offence to anyone. I hope I will stay married when my husband will land and hear what I did,” she added.

It is not the first time that the Interior Minister’s wife posted tweets targeting the US President. Only last month, she was accused of trolling Obama after he opened his own individual Twitter account. Nir-Mozes tweeted a poorly spelt message that said, she hopes the president will “write from The hurt of barack, and not from the head of Rrsedent Obama [sic].”

The tweet was also deleted shortly after it was posted, while Nir-Mozes denied having published it. However, Israeli journalist Tal Schneider took a screenshot of the tweet. He also commented on the typos, saying that she probably meant to write “heart” instead of “hurt.”

The fact that Nir-Mozes’s husband is responsible for strategic relations with the US has also not helped matters, according to critics.

Nir-Mozes hosts a weekly radio show, and participates in TV programs. She is known for posting scandalous messages, as well as criticizing social and political issues.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is among her other most famous targets.

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