BMA makes welcome decision to ballot junior doctors over a strike

BMA makes welcome decision to ballot junior doctors over a strike

The BMA’s decision to ballot junior doctors over a strike is to be welcomed.

It is self evident that there can be no safe and high standard of patient care unless the nurses and doctors who have to treat patients have the conditions they need to work effectively. That includes adequate training, equipment, rest and pay and some form of career progression.

The need for a strike to ensure those conditions are fulfilled became evident during the shambolic response to the Ebola outbreak in the UK.

If nurses and doctors get sick because they are not given the equipment and training they need to handle, for example, a lethal disease like Ebola, it is the patients who will utlimately suffer. Yes, the whole of the UK will ultimately suffer because the government seems to prefer a mass vaccination campaign with an unlicensed Merck Ebola vaccine to putting in place standard infectious control measures such as quarantine.

The best thing the doctors in the UK can do for their patients is to strike. The best thing for a patient is a rested, fit, trained, motivated nurses and doctors. There is no conflict of interest between doctors and patients as is often portrayed by the media and politicians. Both want the same thing. That is, safe and high standards of patient care.

The mild mannered English could learn a thing or two from the Germans. A little bit of the furor teutonicus now and then might help them safeguard their basic employment and health rights in the face of a predatory, profit orientated and irresponsible government.

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