BNP leader attacks Nelson Mandela on Twitter

‘Murdering old terrorist’: BNP leader Nick Griffin’s Twitter insult about ailing Nelson Mandela sparks fury

The anti-apartheid hero is in hospital fighting a lung infection
94-year-old’s family are at his bedside in Pretoria hospital
Nick Griffin took opportunity to give his version of South African history

PUBLISHED: 18:34, 9 June 2013 | UPDATED: 18:36, 9 June 2013–BNP-leader-Nick-Griffin-s-Twitter-insult-ailing-Nelson-Mandela-sparks-fury.html

BNP leader Nick Griffin sparked anger on Twitter yesterday by posting a series of offensive messages about Nelson Mandela.

The former South African president is in a Pretoria hospital in a ‘serious but stable condition’ with his family at his bedside.

But that didn’t stop Mr Griffin, the MEP for the North West, using Mr Mandela’s illness to promote his views on South African history.

Nick Griffin, BNP Leader
former South African President Nelson Mandela

He said: ‘Saint #nelsonmandela on last legs it seems.
‘Make sure to avoid BBC when the murdering old terrorist croaks. It’ll be nauseating.’

In another message Mr Griffin wrote: ‘Statesmen must be judged on results not rhetoric.

‘Before Mandela, South Africa was safe economic powerhouse. Now crime ridden basket case.’

Another tweet said: ‘No surprise #Mandela’s lungs are shot – all those burning tyres. Smoking necklaces very bad for the health.’

Nelson Mandela became president after being sent to prison on Robben Island

There was an angry response to Mr Griffin’s views on Twitter yesterday.

Michael Bennett wrote: ‘A towering figure in world history and an inspiration to millions. Nick Griffin – an irrelevant footnote, thankfully soon forgotten.’

Elin Roberts wrote: ‘What a vile individual Nick Griffin is. Mandela’s legacy will be one of forgiveness and hope, his of ignorance and hate.’

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  • theunhivedmind

    What Nick Griffin should be doing is exposing the fact that Nelson Mandela is a Knight of Malta and therefore a member of the Illuminati.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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