Bolivian Ministers Accuse Media of Preparing Plot Against Government

Bolivian Ministers Accuse Media of Preparing Plot Against Government © REUTERS/ Juan Carlos Ulate

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Bolivian ministers accused some of the national media and international organizations, including CNN, of conspiracy against the government of President Evo Morales, news agency Prensa Latina reported.

Minister Juan Ramon Quintana announced that journalist Carlos Valverde Bravo took control over the media in the country and is arranging a plot against the government. Earlier, Valverde accused the current Bolivian president of allegedly using his official position to exert influence on the business sector.

“A drug trafficker took the reins of the editorial policy’s management in the radio and the press. The role of the media is sad and tragic, because they consciously participate in this covert operation,” Quintana said.

In an interview with CNN, Valverde accused Morales of benefiting from contracts of the Chinese company CAMC which has been run by his former girlfriend Gabriela Zapata, an allegation the Bolivian President has denied.

Zapata was recently charged with money laundering activities and her proximity to power has negatively influenced Morales’ political image, which had already deteriorated enough after the recent failure at a referendum (during which only 48.7% voted in favor of Morales, while 51.3% of respondents were against his re-election as president in 2019).

Quintana mentioned that the persecution of the Bolivian president not only continued after February 21, when the referendum was held, but also served as a catalyst for a covert propaganda operation conducted by Washington and aimed at discrediting the government in front of the public.

“Such accusations are a part of a political plot, an insulting and aggressive campaign,” Quintana said. “Carlos Valverde is a former drug dealer who suddenly became a corrupt journalist and secret agent of the US Embassy,” he concluded.

Carlos Valverde is an oppositional journalist. During the presidency of Jaime Paz Zamora he had run the intelligence services of Bolivia. In 1993 he was arrested on suspicion of having connections to drug traffickers, but escaped punishment.

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