Bolivia’s Morales Warns of Smear Campaigns Against Independent Media

Bolivia’s Morales Warns of Smear Campaigns Against Independent Media © REUTERS/ Juan Carlos Ulate

15:17 30.01.2015(updated 16:43 30.01.2015)

MOSCOW, January 30 (Sputnik) – News outlets with an angle of their own are routinely targeted in smear campaigns by those who seek to “falsify the truth,” Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, told RT news channel in an interview.
“When the media turns into the voice of the people, especially in the voice of revolutionaries, there are those people and the media who will judge them and falsify the truth,” Morales was quoted as saying by RT.

Morales commented on a controversial remark by the new chief of US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Andrew Lack, who put RT on par with Islamic State and Boko Haram terrorist groups for promoting a different point of view than that of US media.

Lack’s comparison of journalism to terrorism caused uproar among journalists, prompting the US Department of State to distance itself from the chief of the federal media agency. Jen Psaki said last week that RT and terrorist organizations should not be lumped together.

RT is an international news network which broadcasts in 24/7 in English, Spanish and Arabic. It has been nominated for three Emmy awards, and was the first news channel to get a billion views on YouTube.

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