Bombing in Ankara Likely a False Flag by Turkish Intelligence to Furnish Madman Erdogan with Pretext for Attack on YPG Kurds in Syria

Bombing in Ankara Likely a False Flag by Turkish Intelligence to Furnish Madman Erdogan with Pretext for Attack on YPG Kurds in Syria

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Morning Briefing | Thursday, February 18, 2016

Danger of Wider War High; Saudis and Turks Preparing Land Invasion of Northern Syria to Prevent Collapse of Terrorist Rebels They Back; Much of Aleppo Now Held by Assad Forces; Syrian Arab Army, YPG Kurds, and Russian Air Force Attack Western Edge of Jarablus-Efrin Corridor Along Aleppo to Azaz Road, Approach to Within 15 Miles of Turkish Border as Routed Terrorists Flee; Supply Aorta of ISIS/Daesh and Other Terrorists Threatened; United States Must Help Kurds Cross Euphrates and Push West Across Corridor; Bluster from Davutoglu about Azaz Shows Desperation in Ankara and Riyadh; Merkel Calls for No-Fly Zone; Forces in State Department Want Cease Fire to Save Surrounded Terrorists; Does ISIS Have U.S. Materials for Radiological Dirty Bomb?; German Intelligence Finds 95% of Syrian Rebels Are Foreigners; Obama Must Warn Erdogan to Back Off, Stop Supporting ISIS

Map shows area in Syria controlled by various factions as of mid-February 2016. World attention is now concentrated on the town of Azaz, north of Aleppo and very close to the Turkish border, where Kurdish YPG fighters are attempting to liberate the town from terrorist rebels. But Prime Minister Davutoglu has warned that Turkey will never allow the Kurds to take Azaz, which constitutes the western edge of the Efrin to Jarablus corridor. Davutoglu also stated the Turkey would allow the Kurds to cross the Euphrates river which constitutes the eastern edge of the corridor. Davutoglu thus confirms what this briefing has been telling you for months – that the Jarablus to Efrin corridor represents the critical lifeline that allows Turkey to keep ISIS terrorist forces in the field.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu – the Neo-Ottoman ideologue who speaks for the Erdogan clique as Turkey attempts to rescue its ISIS and other terrorists in northern Syria from imminent defeat and rout.

Today’s mass casualties terrorist attack in the Turkish capital of Ankara brings the Middle East to the verge of a radically wider and more dangerous conflict. This event appears to be a false flag operation designed to give the Erdogan-Davutoglu Moslem Brotherhood clique the pretext they need for a large scale land invasion of northern Syria, supposedly to punish the YPG Kurds for this bombing. In reality, the Turkish forces will go into Syria in a desperate attempt to save the ISIS, Nusra, and other terrorists who now face military collapse at the hands of Syrian and Russian forces.

The Turkish Prime Minister has been engaging in a cascade of threats:

‘We will not let Azaz fall,” Davutoglu was quoted as saying by the private NTV television on his plane en route to an official visit to Ukraine.”The YPG (the People’s Protection Units, a Syrian Kurdish militia) will not be able to cross to the west of the Euphrates (River) and east of Afrin,” he added….Davutoglu said: “The necessary intervention will be made (by Turkey) against the YPG when it is required.’ [2]

For the past several days, Turkey has been bombarding positions of the YPG, seeking to prevent the Kurds from seizing the town of Azaz, which is less than 5 km inside Syria. As the Frankfurter Allgemeine reported, the ruling circles in Ankara fear that the YPG, which enjoys support from both the US and Russia, will be able to close the last 100km (60 mile) wide border, which the Kurds do not yet control. This refers to the Jarablus-Efrin corridor, which this Briefing has been discussing for many months as the key to ending the Syrian war. According to various reports, the YPG Kurds have succeeded in taking the town of Tel Rifaat north of Aleppo.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been making large scale preparations for a land invasion of northern Syria. Combat aircraft of the Saudi air force have now arrived at Incirlik air force base in southern Turkey. Turkey has been blaming the Russian Air Force for attacks on hospitals in Azaz which have claimed scores of victims, but there is no proof. Relations between Turkey and Russia have been extremely strained since the Turks alleged Russian violations of Turkish air space on January 30.

In the US State Department, certain forces have been trying to use the cease fire provisions of the Kerry-Lavrov agreement to save terrorist rebel contingents which are currently surrounded. President Assad of Syria has categorically rejected any cease fire between his forces and rebel units.

The Russian government is warning that the Syrian hostilities risk becoming a global conflagration. During his recent visit to Germany for the Munich Security Conference, Prime Minister Medvedev, in responding to reports that Saudi Arabia is preparing a ground invasion of Syria, warned that, “The Americans and our Arab partners must consider whether or not they want a permanent war.” Medvedev added that such a large scale conflict “draws everyone taking part in it into a war.”

These issues are already being discussed in the United Nations Security Council. A joint US-Russian ultimatum to Turkey and Saudi Arabia to keep out of Syria would be useful. In addition, the Obama administration should obtain a decision by the NATO Council that the Atlantic alliance will not support Turkish adventurism and material support for terrorism. Americans must speak out against the nightmare of a possible new world war growing out of Erdogan’s lunatic aggression. The United States must not be pulled into war as a tail on the Turkish kite.

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