Bonding with your kids in today’s tech-obsessed world

Bonding with your kids in today’s tech-obsessed world

Friday, July 10, 2015 by: Raw Michelle

The next time you find yourself at a busy restaurant, take a look around at the kids. Young tikes all the way to older teens are bound to have some kind of techno-gadget in their hands.

Just last year, AVG Digital Diaries shared their findings on how the Internet is impacting kids today. They found that 42 percent of parents were worried that their children were spending too much time on devices. Also, 43 percent were concerned that their children did not get outside enough.

These concerns are just an unavoidable fact, given today’s access to insta-entertainment. Long gone are the days where parents had to pack coloring books and small toys in diaper bags to keep on hand for squirming kids.

Sure, technology has made our lives, and our kids’ lives, immeasurably better in many ways, but it is important to keep some real life family socialization in the mix as well. This is not news to parents – but it’s something in which we could all use some guidance.

How to bond with your kids without technology

Here are some of the best ways to bond with your children that don’t include a screen or headphones:

1.) Set limits. Make and enforce a time limit on time spent on various technology and media – and include yourself in this. It also demonstrates your respect for them – that you wouldn’t make them follow arbitrary rules that you wouldn’t follow yourself.

One great idea is to have a family meeting where everyone can participate in making these limits. Yes, you are the parent – and you do not have to follow your kid’s advice – but you might be surprised at how eager they are to get on board with your ideas when they see that it’s a family affair.

For an excellent resource for answering every possible question you could have about setting media and tech limits, check out the screen time topic center at

2.) Get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Hours of time spent soaking up the latest and greatest on tablets, smartphones and laptops has left some of us blinking in the sunlight when we eventually step outside!

Here is where technology can definitely help – use the web to search for the best places in your city to:
Go hiking
Have picnics
Find playgrounds
Visit nature reserves
Time for another family meeting! Gather everyone around and take votes on what interests everyone the most.

Check out “apps for the great outdoors” at for loads of resources to help you find nature-friendly areas and destinations.

If you and your family are interested in biking and hiking together, go to for everything biking and hiking related.

3.) Family game night. Many of us from an earlier generation have fond and funny memories of rousing games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Yahtzee.

It’s time to dust of those old but still fun board games and introduce them to your kids.

Family game night can even help boost your child’s executive functioning skills – which in plain English means skills that help young ones learn how to form and pursue goals.

So parents, ditch the guilt about how much time your kids (or you!) spend online. Guilt doesn’t do a thing to help you make positive changes. Instead of feeling guilty, channel those feelings into enthusiasm for your new plans to bond with your kids!


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