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  • Welcome to Brian May a great guitarist of the highest calibre but we can witness the feminine eye of Isis in this video I found above. This is the eye that Satanists will usually gouge out and fill with candle wax itself symbolic of Nimrod’s flame. Nimrod worshiped El the planet Saturn also known as Satan who affects all base chakras’ or shall we say the groin.

    May I also remind you that the guitar only became popular because of Jesuit control and both their origins being Spanish (Kingdom of Aragon Templars aka Los Alumbrados). The Protestant Lute was a far better instrument but of course the counter-Reformation and Council of Trent could not allow this to become the World’s most popular instrument especially for popular and rock music. Guitars are seen as phallics (generative force) and this is why some players act as if the instrument is an extension of their penis. One of these who performs like that is a Luciferian by the name of Steve Vai who’s a friend of Brain May. Check out Vai’s occult symbolism right in your face where ever he goes.

    Rock music was created like popular music by the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations to create rebellion and change in society for the worse (do as thou wilt/Aeon of Horus). The first rock attempt to destroy the Christian churches failed so they gave you another form which has worked successfully as has the Charismatic Movement in this goal. Lucifer is the God of the Rainbow and the Prince and power of the air. When these songs are played Lucifer has a grip over you where as in Christianity its the words which empower you. The sounds ring out into the air from the cock like an ejaculation.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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