Britain’s exit from EU to block fight against terrorism: Miliband Propaganda

Britain’s exit from EU to block fight against terrorism: Miliband

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The UK’s Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband has warned that a British exit from the European Union would adversely affect the so-called war on terror.

Miliband made his remarks at a People’s Question Time in Stevenage. He also said his whole election campaign was based on the country’s “best” traditions, putting working people first by rewarding harder work.

When asked about the implications of the UK leaving the EU, he said: “I have a very clear view. I want to stay in the European Union. The idea that we would leave the EU when jobs depend on it, when families depend on it, when businesses depend on it … This won’t be popular with everybody, but just think about countering terrorism. We are much better working across borders to do that.”

Now Alan Hart, a British author, journalist and researcher, says: “Ed Miliband is just playing politics with what happened in France. The fact of the matter is whether the UK is in or out of Europe would not make any significant difference to the so-called war against terrorism, because the intelligence services of all European countries would still cooperate.”
Hart also noted that “like all Western leaders and most other leaders, Ed Miliband does not want to address the real issue.”

Miliband’s latest remarks follow his Sunday visit to Paris, where the “March for liberty” was staged following a series of deadly terrorist attacks in and around the French capital city.

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