British Airways under fire amid child abuse claims

BA under fire amid child abuse claims

Mon, 02 Sep 2013 16:47:26 GMT

British Airways (BA) faces a lawsuit including a former pilot, who allegedly abused more than a hundred children in African schools and orphanages.

BA’s first officer, Simon Wood, who is potentially Britain’s most prolific child sex offender, committed suicide two days before he was due to appear in a London court in August over charges of sexual assault of children while on overseas missions for BA over 15 years.

Families of the victims blame BA for failing to protect their children from Mr Wood, who had a history of child abuse but no record.

“The prosecution say that Mr Wood was a deeply depraved and corrupt individual who had used his ability to fly to other parts of the world to commit sexual offences against children,” said prosecutor Peter Zinner.

He approached the children with BA branded toys and invited them to his room at five star international hotels.

Officials in Kenya say the number of children assaulted could go into the hundreds and have so far identified 15 children, aged five to 11-years-old.

Police arrested him on July 18 at London’s Heathrow airport, he was later granted bail and two days after that he threw himself under a train near his home in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

The legal action against BA has been postponed due to Mr Wood’s death.

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