British Intelligence beheading psychological-operation and scam using James Foley

BUSTED: Foley Beheading done with CPR DOLL

Isis beheading a psy-op – I waited to say anything about this because the Nick Berg video was fake. And this beheading is fake too, COUNT ON IT. The man doing the beheading is speaking with a British accent. That means no journalist lost his head and it is all a show. The related article is linked above, and this would explain why Britain says viewing the video is a terrorist act, because it is FREAKING FAKE. No kidding, British police say watching the video is an act of terrorism and you want to know why? Because it is FAKE AS FRUIT LOOPS.

1. Foley is smiling in parts of the video. 2. The beheader has a British accent. 3. No blood comes out when the beheading starts. 4. It then cuts, and you do not actually get to see the beheading. 5. When the video returns, you see a headless body.

Bottom line, THERE IS NO BEHEADING VIDEO and that is exactly why, in Britain, trying to watch the video is a “terrorist act”. The video is such a terrible fake those who fronted it are terrified of having people watch it. They just want you to believe, while never having seen it.

You can watch this HERE, and you can ignore the gore warning, there really is no blood when the beheading starts and it just cuts to an obvious fake, with a perfectly clean cut head sitting on the body with a little fake blood and no spatters on the sand anywhere.

UPDATE: – A couple more points –

Don wrote:


I don’t know if you noticed, but look at that Foley mannequin, the forearms, as in NO HAIR. If not a dummy, then either he or his “captors” shaved the hair off his forearms, LOL. Looking at the exposed “skin” of his right leg, looking at how shiny it looks, it definitely looks plastic to me. Does the video show more of the exposed “skin” of his body that gives a clue? I’d look there. Thanks.

admin 10:55AM

What I noticed most is the fact that the face color does not match the dummy. IF he was in the sun enough to get his face tanned, at least his hands should match. SO, what happened here is a silicone head was made or selected to match his face, (a simple task for Hollywood) and they got the skin tone right. But they used a generic CPR dummy for the body and that was a huge screw up. The only reason why I am saying CPR dummy rather than store dummy is because the CPR dummies are made to be like a real body and designed to flop around and have the weight and characteristics of a real unconscious body. This would make it possible to handcuff the hands in a natural position, but the hairless and color mis matched silicone is OBVIOUS, and the head mount is OBVIOUS, and the lack of any blood spatters away from where it was poured from a container is OBVIOUS, No wonder why the British police declared it an “act of terror” to watch the beheading video. With fakery that obvious the scammers who pulled this one had a LOT TO FEAR.

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  • theunhivedmind

    First of all I suggest you go back to the so-called beheading of Lee Rigby and see how that was all a giant psy-op event no different to this one. Now who in their right mind would attempt to chop off a head with a little useless knife like this? It is no wonder New Venice (Britain) don’t want Britons watching this garbage as they know many wouldn’t fall for such fakery since Britons are generally more awake than the intended target audience being citizens of the USA Financial LTD a colony of slaves for New Venice.

    The very simple reason for a British crisis actor in the video is to scare westerners that members of ISIL are amongst us all! Are we calling it ISIL today or is it ISIS? Oh they cannot use that name since ISIS was busted as a front company for change in the region so now it is just called IS. We all know that ISIS is a front for British Intelligence and funded via Saudi Arabia and Prince Bandar on behalf of the New Venice empire. New Venice want to bring about a New Middle East which has no borders and will eventually be run by the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Why isn’t Israel up in arms about this fake terror group?

    I should remind you that Al-Qaeda was created by the family of Carl M. Marcy using the Senior Executive Service and all through the U.S Small Business Administrations 8(a) program. Strange how firewall Cameron and the Bullingdon Club misfits want to censor the video even as they admit they do not even know it is legit (get out clause if they need it) yet they harp on about it all day long in the mainstream controlled propaganda media.

    I should point out if all these groups like Al-Qaeda, Takfiri, Al-Nusra, Boko Haram and now ISIL/ISIS/IS were real independent genuine terrorist groups not run by New Venice in the interest of the Empire then the media would never constantly brainwash you with terror threats. A terrorist wants the threats to scare the people into submission. The simply way to destroy a terrorist or group of terrorists would be to never mention their group or name or any event they cause. Terrorists will soon die off if no media coverage is given to their cause. This is why when real terrorists do events you will hardly ever hear about it or it will be covered up as something else (third truth). The real terrorists are the New Venice empire made up of the mega corporations like Serco (the Octopus), G4S and secret societies like Skull and Bones, Pilgrims Society and so forth all made up of merchant pirates overseen by the pirate captain the City of London Corporation in the sovereign land known as the City of London (ancient Londinium).

    -= The Unhived Mind

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