British monarchy gets even richer than ever as the New Doge’s reign reaches record

British monarchy richer than ever as queen’s reign reaches record

Mon Sep 7, 2015 6:49pm BST Related: UK

Despite talk of crumbling and chilly palaces and of Queen Elizabeth slipping down several “rich lists”, Britain’s monarchy will be wealthier than ever when she becomes its longest serving royal on the throne — 63 years — on Sept. 9.

A Reuters analysis of royal assets shows that the British monarchy has had a bumper few decades by benefiting from a rise in house and land prices.

According to a Reuters estimate based on the monarchy’s interests in its key investment vehicle, royal estates and its trove of treasures, the British monarchy has nominal assets worth about 22.8 billion pounds ($34.8 billion).

That would not get the British monarchy a spot in the top 10 global rich list headed by Bill Gates. But it would place the family in the top 20 globally, broadly comparable to the fortunes Forbes has estimated are controlled by Michael Bloomberg or Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

However, estimates of monarchy’s wealth are complicated since some of the assets are privately owned while others, such as the Crown Estate, a sprawling investment vehicle which is the chief driver in the rise of royal wealth, are owned on behalf of the nation by the monarch for the duration of their reign.

Buckingham Palace says the Crown Estate, which invests in and runs the monarchy’s property and whose capital value has more than doubled to 11.5 billion pounds since 2005, does not belong to the queen.

But a Buckingham Palace spokesman said the monarchy’s increased funding was due to the Crown Estate’s higher returns and this would be used to carry out repairs on the queen’s many palaces.

Other key sources of royal wealth are the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall, two vast private estates valued together at 1.3 billion pounds.

The Royal Collection, the monarchy’s centuries-old store of treasures, is valued at 10 billion pounds by Brand Finance, a consultancy which said it put the monarchy’s overall tangible assets at 20 billion pounds.

Both Reuters and Brand Finance’s estimates exclude the unknown value of splendid royal residences such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor and Balmoral.


Separating what belongs to the current individuals who make up the royal family and the trappings accumulated by an ancient institution over the last 1,000 years is not straightforward, a factor most clearly demonstrated by the Crown Estate.

The commercial company owns a trove of London property, including about half of the buildings in the exclusive St James’s area of central London, along with almost the entire seabed in British waters

It is the property equivalent of the crown jewels, says the Crown Estate’s website, part of the national heritage and held by the queen as sovereign, but not available for her private use.

“You would be hiding behind nomenclature and history to suggest that the Crown Estate is in any way an asset of the queen’s,” the palace spokesman said.

The queen’s public income – known as the Sovereign Grant, although not funded directly from the Crown Estate, is based on a calculation of 15 percent of the Crown Estate’s annual profit in the financial year two years previously. All profit is first paid to the British Treasury.

The Sovereign Grant for 2015 was 37.9 million pounds, 22 percent more than two years before.

The Crown Estate’s net profit growth was slow during the initial decades of the queen’s reign – profits in fact declined by 19 percent between 1962 and 1982 in real terms – but it accelerated with the London property boom of the late 1980s.

Since the 2007 global financial crisis, the Crown Estate’s property value has more than doubled to 11 billion pounds, increasing at an annualised rate of 9.3 percent at a time when the rest of the British house market, even in London, slowed.

“Over the last decade the business has moved from being a traditional landed estate to an active investor and developer,” said a spokesman for the Crown Estate, which posted a record net annual profit this year of 285.1 million pounds.

Crown Estate land has swelled since the early years of the queen’s reign. Its archives note that it now owns 60,000 acres more than the 280,000 acres it owned in 1958.

Added to the land owned by the duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall and the queen’s private Balmoral and Sandringham estates, the monarchy has almost as much land as Britain’s Ministry of Defence with about 600,000 acres.


The royal wealth is bolstered by the Duchy of Lancaster and the Duchy of Cornwall, two ancient private estates which have been passed down over the centuries between royal households.

The Duchy of Lancaster, an estate of 45,549 acres in England and Wales established by King Henry III over 700 years ago, earned the queen 13.3 million pounds in private income, termed the privy purse, over the 2014 financial year.

Its fortunes have been less dramatic than the Crown Estate over the last decade, but its capital value has kept pace with the rise in farmland prices since 2000, more than doubling over the period to a record 472.1 million pounds.

Prince Charles, the queen’s 66-year-old son and heir to the throne, draws his own income from the Duchy of Cornwall, a private estate given to the eldest son of the monarch. Founded in 1337, the Duchy of Cornwall valued its 53,400 acres also at a high point of 871 million pounds in March.

Neither the Duchy of Cornwall or Lancaster pays corporation tax as the monarchy says they are private estates not firms, however the queen has paid standard income tax since 1993.

The monarchy has also published annual accounts since 2001 in a bid to make the royal finances more transparent.


Despite that, the queen’s private funds, as opposed to the monarchy as a whole, remain a subject of speculation.

“The queen’s wealth is hidden in smoke and mirrors,” said Philip Beresford, the author of an annual rich list published since 1989 by the Sunday Times newspaper.

“Where is the line drawn?”

This year the queen fell out of the Sunday Times rich list’s top 300 richest people in Britain with an estimated 340 million pounds.

Estimates of the queen’s private wealth typically include her private estates of Balmoral and Sandringham and a 110 million pound investment portfolio, unearthed by the Sunday Times 20 years ago, that was in mostly blue-chip British companies.

Such estimates are stabs in the dark, said Beresford, and the wealth of other royal institutions is similarly murky.

The true worth of the Royal Collection, which includes thousands of treasures by artists such as Rembrandt, Poussin and Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci, is unknown.

Brand Finance marketing director Robert Haigh said they used a rough average of a collection of estimates by art experts for their figure of 10 billion pounds but said that without a market it was “effectively priceless”.

The Crown Jewels, which compile the treasures of past British monarchs and form part of the Royal Collection, are similarly priceless and boast the largest flawless cut diamond in the world, the 530-carat First Star of Africa.

Despite all these riches Beresford said the monarchy has no appetite for lavish displays of wealth.

“The queen is extraordinarily frugal as a person,” he said. “The most she’s into are a few race horses.”

(Reporting by Angus Berwick; Editing by Guy Faulconbridge/Mark Heinrich)


  • theunhivedmind

    Do not be fooled by mass media rich lists that put the New Doge below mere guiding stars. The New Doge is a controller of the social engineering masters who create and break their guiding stars like Bill Gates. Without the likes of the evil the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists and the Tavistock Institute then you wouldn’t have zitty idiots like Zuckerberg fronting for things created and aiding the real power-players. Bill Gates is another front and if you remember back he used to rip everyone off let right and centre and now he cries about open source software or even other pirates. Bill Gates is now a member of the same Livery company and a Knight Commander within the British Empire. Bill Gates only owns 50% of his so called earnings because of the Pledge to donate half to charity. In truth they own nothing and if they do not toe the New Venice line they’re out and broke. The New Doge is wealthier than Bill Gates, King Salman and the anti-pope. The New Doge has massive land ownings and her true wealth in the real economic system which includes the shadow covert economy is nothing less than $33 trillion. So apart from maybe a covert Black Nobility competiting family, the Nazi Queen aka New Doge is the richest being on the planet.

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    `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

    • keenly

      Well the Queen does have the blood of Borgia(who married into House of Este) amongst others in her veins. I am sure her bloodline is very well respected in Black Nobility circles. As you have said there MAY be some rivals to her wealth, but they are well hidden and we can’t prove how much they own. We know the Queen owns copious amount of land.

      • theunhivedmind

        I can tell you that the wealth of the Pallavicini family has always been at the underpinnings of funding most of the well known big events like the war on Spain back in the 17th Century which cost millions and all put forth by this family originating from Genoa and thus funding the Monarchy. The flag of England comes from Genoa and stems to when our ships would use it for protection but for a price to Genoa.

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        `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

  • FreemanInChrist

    It’s really quite simple who the money powers are behind the whole financial system and resources such as gold, oil, diamonds and copper. It’s all controlled by the ‘four horsemen’ i.e. the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and British and Dutch royal familes.

    • keenly

      No it is not. If Rothschilds were that powerful the Jesuits would have had them assassinated back in the 1700’s; instead they became Knights of Malta and served the agenda. If they were massively powerful in their own right they would have been competition to the black nobility.

      If Rothschilds are so powerful why could they not ask the British Monarchy to let their friend Diana live? The reality is they do not, and have never ruled the roost; they are BENEATH QEII. They have no say over what she and her family does.

      • theunhivedmind

        First of all the word Zionist does mean the family Rothschild who’re one element of Zionism. I should inform you that Prince William’s child definitely has Jewish blood via the Goldschmidt line in the Middleton family. The Windsor’s are Zionist, Venice was riddled with Jews and traces its true origins back to the Samaritans. I suggest you stop listening so much to the alternative media gang of psy-ops out there and focus on the reality and what’s blatantly in your face if you choose to see it. So tell me which Rothschild’s are Knights of Malta and the please tell me which order they’re in exactly? Do you want to talk about the Catholic Order of Malta or the Venetian mastered version out of New Venice the leading force and true Empire. We can’t have it all ways you know? I’m sorry but I’ve been there and done that, I’m not listening to Karen Hudes and her actions which are separate from the BRICS. I don’t care for 98% of the alternative media because it’s a farce and Webster Tarpley recently gave you a hint about how bad it is in his latest audio if you haven’t already heard. You really need to understand the position of the Doge better because a Doge isn’t an all out controller and dictator. A Doge is part of a collective power made up of various councils and levels shall we say. Who controls the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers? The Rothschild family! So what? The real role of this Livery company is not to make eye glasses but the patents they hold over lenses which are used in for instance the live filming of 9/11 the inside job by New Venice! Now as for Diana, if her time has come to be sacrificed then it will happen. You don’t understand how this level thinks, they do not think like you or I do, they live by another set of rules and they’re psychopathic. The death of Diana means nothing to any of these people and even her sons know the score as they too are part of this cabal. Understand the scions between Jews and Europeans and guess what that results in? A Jew! It’s all about the bloodline! The Jesuits were created by the Venetians and Loyola was a puppet for Contarini and guess what the Rothschilds are part of the same power. Understand the Pallavicini line and see how it’s banking that dominates and guess what the Templars were? Bankers! Monarchs have been controlled by powerful banking interests for centuries as highlighted by need for the King of France to attack the Templars and a similar issue with the old Medici family. You think only the Jesuits assassinated anybody? Do you not think Rothschild’s had assassinations executed too? Do you not think the Rothschild’s have a good enough intelligence network to avoid assassination attempts? May I remind you that since Sir John Dee onwards Britain has always had a creme-de-la-creme for intelligence and this all goes back to the continuing of the Consiglio Dei Diece from Venice.

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        `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

        • The Rothschilds were once powerful, but were never all-powerful and in the scheme of things today they are merely Knights of the British Empire and Papal Knights. A person granted a Knighthood is subservient to bestower of the knighthood and so when we see QEII is a Dame of the Order of St. John, she is therefore obedient to rulers of the order of St. John, which itself was an apostate Protestant offshoot of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and is recognized under The Alliance of the Orders of Saint John of Jerusalem as being subordinate to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Dutch royals are also Knights of Malta: Beatrix and Bernhard included, thus they are also loyal to Rome. Amschel Mayer Rothschild was a crown agent of the Holy Roman Empire; a portrait of him exists where is is seen wearing a Maltese cross. HSBC is the biggest bank in Europe and the Western world and the chairman of that bank is also a Knight of the British Empire; the Rothschilds today are more or less on the same level of power as that man. The Rothschilds had a hand in establishing Israel and forming the Illuminati in the 18th century with Jesuit Adam Weishaupt. The Templars and the Jesuits have both obsessed over control of Jerusalem and look who has jurisdiction over Jerusalem today: the Jesuit Papacy. The fact that the Rothschilds helped set up the State of Israel is further testament to them working on behalf the Jesuit Papacy. Let’s not forget that the Rothschilds are also “guardians of the Vatican treasure.” The Templars were the first international bankers and did control the banking in their time. The new Templar Jesuits are too busy managing intelligence networks and the like to be directly involved with banking so they assign duty to their loyal Knights. If all the living members of the Rothschild family were to be assassinated tomorrow, nothing would change; business would continue as usual because so many agents are already in place and have been for quite some time and the backbone of the modern banking system was established long ago. Rome ruled Europe before the Rothschilds even came into existence and Rome will still rule after they are long gone. It’s the same with Royal families – they may have heirs to their Thrones, but will still be subject to the high-level Jesuits and the insurmountable global constructs which they have created and controlled historically. We know that the Rothschilds are Sabbateans, and that powerful sects of Sabbateans do exist such as in Turkey, but again look at how Turkey is in line with Western interests in overthrowing Assad in Syria. I have never seen evidence to suggest the Rothschilds themselves operate intelligence networks and surely any they do have are not as powerful as those controlled by the Jesuits who have 4th vow soldiers all over the world speaking every which language and being some of the most disciplined men on Earth, literally devoting their entire existence to furthering the Temporal and Spiritual powers of the Pope.

          I agree most of the alternative media is bunk and who is really talking about anything other than the Jews controlling the world (which is the same Jesuitical propaganda that fueled the holocaust and was endorsed by WWI and WWII mastermind Jesuit General Wlodimir Ledóchowski)? There aren’t many and the ones that do are mostly crazy or cointelpro. Hudes seems to have been knocked off her rocker when she started talking about proto-hominids in the Vatican and Kevin Annett’s credibility is at best very questionable. There is even a fake organization called the Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon saying they are the hereditary and legal continuation of the Knights Templar going so far as to claim they are a Sovereign entity under international law and recognized as an NGO by the United Nations. They also claim to operate an international court of Justice similar to Annett’s. Of course all of that is a complete lie and can be debunked from doing basic internet searches on its leader who uses the ridiculous title “Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes.” But the kicker is that this Order’s internet site has pages upon pages of unsubstantiated drivel on how the Jesuits are not the world controllers. So you have a fake organization saying that they are the new Templars, not the Jesuits, and that the Jesuits also have no power, which we know is utterly laughable.

        • FreemanInChrist

          I agree with what you say here. If you think about the reason of importance for bloodlines ofcourse it has to do with Jewish blood. This goes back to Babylon when the Jews were captured and their religion was perverted from that of salvation by faith to “choseness”, salvation by Jewish blood. After Christ came and died for the sins of the world many Jews ofcourse continued to cling to a belief in choseness rejecting Jesus as the messiah and Son of God.

          Although the catholicism is a perverted religion it came to be the dominate power in the world with the advent of the (un)Holy Roman Empire.

          Since the formation of the (un)Holy Roman Empire there has been a struggle for world power between the Roman Catholic Church and world Jewry. The ‘Los Alumbrados’ (illuminati) was founded by Marrano’s (Spanish Jews who converted to Catholicism under pretense to avoid persecution). Adam ‘Spartacus’ Weishaupt was a Jew that became a Jesuit, then disaffected and was behind the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati in conjunction with the Rothschilds. The purpose of the Illuminati was for the Rothschilds and Jews to take power away from the Catholic Church that had dominated up to that time. Weishaupt said “We will infiltrate that place [the Vatican] and once inside we will never come out. We will bore from within until nothing remains but an empty shell.” The Illuminati is the precursor to Atheistic Communism with it’s goal being to destroy all religion.

          • FreemanInChrist

            Even Putin has recently come out and said the truth that 85% of Lenin’s 1917 Soviet Government was Jewish. Also Freemasonry played a significant role as it goes hand in hand with Judaism. As you’ve said Freemasonry takes after the Kabbalah .

            In 1855, the renowned Rabbi Isaac Wise wrote:

            “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”

            The Jewish Tribune newspaper, in 1927, in an editorial, stated:

            “Freemasonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left?”

            The plague of Atheism is a Jewish concoction.

            The Catholic Church ofcourse doesn’t want atheism spread they want more people as members of their church either because they believe their own bullshit or because they want more people coming to church and paying them tithes.

          • “Since the formation of the (un)Holy Roman Empire there has been a struggle for world power between the Roman Catholic Church and world Jewry. The ‘Los Alumbrados’ (illuminati) was founded by Marrano’s (Spanish Jews who converted to Catholicism under pretense to avoid persecution).”

            This is an absurd distortion of history being entirely a figment of your imagination. Ever since the times of Charlemagne, Rome has ruled Europe and before then it ruled by the Merovingians immediately following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire; there were no kingdoms ran by Jews; hardly any Jews were in Europe until between 800-1000CE anyways during which time they were severely persecuted in these regions that later became known as the lands of Latin Christendom. Forced conversion, property confiscation, synagogue burning, expulsion, stake burning, enslavement and outlawing of Jews—even whole Jewish communities—occurred countless times in the lands of Latin Christendom and the Templars had been burning Jews alive during the Crusades. In fact, in the Middle Ages, Jews were often restricted by law to money lending and tax collecting which led to the invention of court Jews of the 17th and 18th centuries. After the Templars were disbanded, the most powerful banking family was the Medici followed by the Fuggers and Welsers of Augsburg. The Alumbrados was an underground cult that was not a powerful or large organization by any means and in fact they were subject to the Inquisition and furthermore, Moriscos, not just Marranos were involved with the Alumbrados and modern studies estimate around one million Moriscos were present in Spain at the beginning of the 16th century, which nearly quadruples the estimated number of Marranos in Spain at that time. Weishaupt was not a Jew, he never practiced Judaism even though he was born of Jewish parents; his father died at an early age and he was raised by the Jesuits and his godfather Baron Ickstatt, who was director of the university of Ingolstadt in Bavaria. Why don’t you try opening a history book or even a Wikipedia page or two before embarrassing yourself next time.

            Also, everyone know the Bolsheviks were financed by the Knights of Malta on Wall Street and Freemasonry is not Jewish, it is Kabbalistic. Although Jews may have been some of the earliest practitioners of Kabbalah, according to Barry Chamish it was not until Sabbatai Tsevi that the Kabbalah became widely perverted, and now freemasonry is completely under Jesuit control anyways. The Jesuit General is the master Mason of the world; they wrote all degrees of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masonry.

        • keenly

          Is that not the exact OPPOSITE of what you have said for years? Why now the change?

  • keenly

    Who really has all the worlds Gold? That is debatable. From what Hudes and some others are saying most of it is in the Philippines, the Vatican also have a significant amount.

    It is not easy to pinpoint who is calling the shots in regards to hiding and stealing precious metal from the masses. I doubt Rockefeller or Rothschild are in charge. No doubt European Black nobility is involved. It is really speculation at this point.

    • theunhivedmind

      Karen Hudes is lying if she claim’s secret hoardes of gold which are located in parts of the Philippines. That story is a bit like the one about the Iraqi Dinars being worth a fortune at some point. These are all scams pushed by different psy-op gangs screwing with peoples minds who’re tying to find the truth. One of the big fraudsters with the Dinars was Benjamin Fulford and guess what? Fulford also takes about secret hidden gold hoardes but tries to cover his back but countering the talk somewhat so he doesn’t look even more ridiculous. The Vatican supposedly has one of the largest hoardes of gold but we cannot believe all we hear until it’s known for fact. Do you realize how much Gold the BRICS nations are likely to have? Imagine South Africa on its own and how much mining that can be done over there let alone China and other regions. So would you think the Vatican has all the gold in the world or those who actually have mines? The Vatican is a safe place for gold because it’s less likely a target for waring factions but we know that Switzerland is the neutral zone so why would I want any gold in the vatican unless I’m Vatican? Most places in Europe rushed their gold out to the United States during World War 2 in fear of Hitler taking it. Right now I’d personally say that the real gold wealth is held in China and its controls in Asia then I’d go as far as to say Russia. Rockefeller and Rothschild are a big part of this Synarchist Revolutionary Movement and they do hold a lot of power just ask anyone who the Rockefeller family have trampled on of course there will be families of higher merchants and others with different bloodline scions but Rockefeller’s are still a big player who could kill you with a simple blocking of one of their systems and really quickly.

      .·´ ¸.·★¨) ¸.·☆¨)
      ★(¸.·´ (¸.*´ ¸.·´
      `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

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