UK police accused of dirty trick campaign

Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:58AM GMT

A British MP says a senior counter-terrorism officer with the London Metropolitan police has illegally entered his house and sent emails under a fake identity in a “dirty trick” campaign.

Bradford West MP George Galloway said in a parliamentary motion that the officer even slept in his house while he sent fake emails to deceive organizations including a British newspaper about his identity.

“[The House of Commons] expresses its concern at the involvement of a very senior officer in the Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism branch SO15 in an apparent dirty tricks operation against the honorable member for Bradford West (Galloway),” the motion said.

“[It] notes that the officer entered [Galloway’s] London home without his knowledge or consent, [Galloway] never having met or heard of him, and he slept in [Galloway’s] home.” It added.

The MP from the socialist Respect party also explained that the officer had “operated under an alias against [him] on Facebook and elsewhere, all the while concealing that he was a senior serving officer at Scotland Yard.”

The London Metropolitan Police said it has temporarily placed the officer, who is understood to be a detective inspector, on restricted duty adding they have referred the case to the Police Complaints Commission for further investigation.

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  • George Galloway: Met ‘dirty tricks’ officer had sex with my aide

    Joe Murphy
    18 October 2012

    Scotland Yard is investigating claims a senior anti-terrorism officer slept with a female aide of George Galloway at the politician’s London home without his knowledge.

    The Respect MP accuses the man of staying there and gaining access to his office as part of a “dirty tricks” campaign against him.

    Today the Yard said it had placed an officer in its Specialist Operations branch on restricted duties and launched an internal inquiry into the allegations.

    The claims emerged in a Commons motion in which the MP says the detective inspector entered his house without his knowledge or consent and slept there.

    He says the officer, attached to the Met’s Counter Terrorism branch, sent emails from his office and used an alias to attack him on Facebook.

    Further details are revealed on Mr Galloway’s website where the MP alleges that the officer — whom he refers to as K — was having an affair with one of his staff and slept with her in his Streatham home while he was away.

    He accuses his former aide of acting as the officer’s “agent” inside Respect and says she has now been sacked.

    Mr Galloway today said he felt “violated” and called for the officer to be suspended rather than merely placed on restricted duties.

    He told the Standard: “It could not look worse than that a person whose job is essentially to police Britain’s Muslim community could have been coming and going, sleeping in my house when I was away, when I am the MP for tens of thousands of Muslims and heavily involved in issues that vitally affect the Muslim community.

    “If he could not see that then he is too stupid to be a detective inspector in SO15. It is not enough for me that he has been placed on restrictive duties, which means counting pencils. He should be suspended.”

    Mr Galloway said he had been assured by the Met that the officer’s actions were not authorised or part of any investigation. “The police are treating this very seriously indeed,” he added.

    He said police seized a parliamentary laptop in a raid on the aide’s address in Bradford this morning. On his website the MP says: “I have incontrovertible evidence.

    “He either did this as a freelance or it was sanctioned by his superiors. I will be asking the Home Secretary to act on this.”

    He says that among the “allegations” by the officer in an email was that he had evidence of voter fraud at the Bradford West by-election, won in a shock landslide by Mr Galloway in March, the same month he married his fourth wife, consultant Putri Gayatri Pertiwi.

    In a letter to the Home Secretary — reproduced on his site — he says he met the officer at his Streatham home in June on the day of a burglary there when a parliamentary laptop was stolen.

    He says the officer was introduced by a female “adviser” and he understood the pair were having a relationship. He says in the letter: “She brought him to the house as a ‘security adviser’ who could give advice on how to make the house more secure after the local officers investigating the break-in had left.

    “Within hours I learned he and xxxxx had been sleeping in my house without permission while I was abroad. This came out because he had to tell officers investigating the burglary that his fingerprints would be found there.”

    The Met said a complaint has gone to its directorate of professional standards and the Independent Police Complaints Commission — and the officer put on restricted duties during the probe.

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